3 Issues You'll Face While Transferring Data From Apple iPhone to Google Pixel via USB OTG

Transferring data from an Apple iPhone to Google Pixel is way easy via the USB OTG. However, it comes with a few caveats.

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One of the most painful things about switching to a new smartphone is setting it up. Thankfully, if you're one of those who is switching from an Apple iPhone to the recently launched Google Pixel/Pixel XL the process just got a lot easier.

Issues You’ll Face While Copying Data From an iPhone to Google Pixel

Google is bundling the smartphone with a small USB Type-C to Type-A adapter and calls it Quick Switch Adapter. Using this you can transfer data from the iPhone to Pixel flawlessly. All you have to do is connect both the smartphones to the dongle and a Software Wizard will take you through the entire process.

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However, this process does come with a few caveats. In this article, we will list the step-by-step procedure to transfer data from your old smartphone and then later discuss the limitations.

Connect Apple iPhone and Google Pixel to the Quick Switch adapter

To begin with, you have to connect both the Apple iPhone and the Google Pixel to the bundled Quick Switch adapter.

Give Pixel the access to your iPhone

Once you've connected both the smartphones to the dongle, a pop-up will show up on your iPhone asking if it should "Trust" the Google Pixel. Click on the Trust button, as soon as you do it, the Pixel smartphone will be given access to all the data it can copy from the iPhone.

Choose the data you intend to transfer

As soon as Google is done with searching your iPhone for copyable data, choose the content you intend to transfer from the options displayed on your Pixel's screen. Some of the options include Calendar, Contacts, Email, Message attachments, iMessages, Music, Photos, and Videos among others.

That's it you're done with transferring data from your old smartphone to the new Google Pixel/ Pixel XL.

Eligibility Criteria

This process is same for both Pixel and Pixel XL and works with all the iPhones which run on iOS 8 and above. It also works with other Android smartphones if the handset runs Android 5.0 Lollipop or above.


Let's start with the Calendar app, despite the fact that Google can move all the data such as calendar appointments from iPhone to Google Calendar app, it can't stay synced with your iCloud calendar. Which means if you share your iCloud calendar with another iCloud user, any changes made here will not be reflected on the Google Calendar app.

Similarly, all your iMessage conversations will be transferred to the Messages app on your Pixel/Pixel XL, however, if you reply to those messages you'll be charged with standard SMS rates.

Also, according to Pocket-lint, some music tracks may also be not copied from the iPhone owing to the copyright issues.

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