5 Best and Worst Features of Apple iOS 10 Released in India

    At the WWDC conference this year, Apple showcased the iOS 10, calling it as the biggest iOS update ever in the company’s history. Like every year, Apple made its latest OS available to the masses (on September 13) a week after the launch of the new iPhones, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

    5 Best and Worst Features of Apple iOS 10 Released in India

    While both the new iPhones come pre-installed with iOS 10, other iPhone/iPad users have to install a software update over-the-air or via iTunes. Before you do that check out the best and worst features of iOS 10 below:

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    Widgets, Revamped Notification Centre and Control Centre – Yay!

    The first thing you’ll notice about the iOS 10 is the rich Notification Centre and revamped Control Centre. With the iOS 10 installed on your device, there’s no need for you to unlock the screen, you can directly view images, read texts, and reply them back on the lock screen itself.

    On swiping right, you’ll land into the widget interface where you’ll be able to place apps like Weather, News, Music, Photos, Remainders, and more for easy access.

    Another change comes in the form of decluttered control center. Instead of a single pane with all the important shortcuts, Apple now provides two panes with the music and volume controls shifting to the second pane. 

    iMessage app is fun!

    With the iOS 10, Apple took iMessage app to the next level. One might say that Apple took cues from Facebook Messenger or Snapchat in designing the messages app. But, what matters is the fact that the app itself is more fun. It now allows you to send images with special effects such as animated backgrounds, invisible ink, bubble effect confetti, and fireworks.

    What's more? Apple finally made iMessage open to the developers which means a lot of options for customisation.


    Improved Photos app, Memories – Yay again!

    Since Apple has full access to your photos, it stitches select images based on time and place thereby creating a video. The Cupertino-based tech giant calls this as Memories and includes a new tab especially for this.

    The new Photos app also allows you to search for images featuring specific information.


    Smarter Siri

    Siri is capable of a lot more now, all thanks to the fact that it's open to third-party developers. In simpler words, you can ask Siri to send a WhatsApp message or book an Uber or lot more.

    Deletable stock apps

    If there's one thing all of us have between waiting for, it's the ability to delete few stock apps we've never used and probably won't use ever. And with the iOS 10, it is possible now.

    Slide to Unlock is gone for good – A Big Nay!

    Apple has killed the iconic ‘Slide to Unlock' feature in the iOS 10. Instead, you'll have to "Press Home to open" or unlock your phone which can be downright annoying to most of the users.

    Ugly Music app

    Music app has received a major change in terms of aesthetics and in a bad way. The icons look ugly and the big font size makes it only worse.

    Battery draining issues

    iOS 10 is one of the biggest updates Apple has ever released. It has to re-index everything to optimise all the apps which may make your phone function a little bit slower and is likely to drain more battery life. Apple will likely fix this issues when it rolls out the iOS 10.1 update.

    Problems with Raise to Wake feature

    Apple added "Raise to Wake" feature which will turn your phone on automatically when you raise it. So many complaints have been raised that this function is not working properly.

    Bricking issues – Nay!

    Apple released the public version of iOS 10 a couple of days ago and since then so many people have been complaining about the bricking issues. We recommend you to take a backup before you start updating your device.

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