5 Reasons People are Excited About Nokia Android Smartphones

    Nokia is all set to return to the smartphone arena as its deal with Microsoft is coming to an end with the end of this quarter. The Finland-based maker is highly speculated to launch Android-powered smartphones to mark its comeback.

    5 Reasons People are Excited About Nokia Android Smartphones

    It's no wonder that millions of smartphone users might be missing Nokia a lot. Nokia was once the biggest phone maker in the world. When it comes to mobile phones, it was always Nokia that comes to the minds of people. The brand was similar to what Apple and Samsung are now.

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    With the arrival of Apple's iPhone and Android smartphones, makers like Nokia and BlackBerry gradually moved and failed to make a mark for themselves. Eventually, Nokia died. Of course, it launched Windows Phone-based handsets, but we knew the rest.

    5 Reasons People are Excited About Nokia Android Smartphones

    Nokia will return to the smartphone arena this year and it will be making use of the Android platform. Many Nokia fans would be excited about this. As per the recent reports, the upcoming Nokia Android phones will arrive with Snapdragon 821 SoC, QHD display, unibody metallic design, etc.

    There are reports that the Android-based Nokia smartphones will be launched sometime in the late 2016 or early 2017 that could be the MWC 2017. These are said to be flagship smartphones that will be water and dust resistant.

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    Below are some points that will justify why people are excited about an Android smartphone from Nokia. This will give you a clear picture of why you too are waiting to get your hands on one.

    5 Reasons People are Excited About Nokia Android Smartphones

    Nokia Brand is Strong Even Now

    Though Nokia has been in exile for a few years, the brand's appeal has not faded away as you can still see really good and impressive reviews of old Nokia phones circulating on the internet. Ther brand is strong in many consumers' hearts and minds.

    Many Nokia phones have been classic such as the 3310 are still remembered by people. If Nokia launches a new hardware this year, consumers will surely jump into the bandwagon of Nokia Android phones to check what the company has got to roll down its sleeves.

    5 Reasons People are Excited About Nokia Android Smartphones

    Nokia Understands Innovative Design

    Nokia has come up with hundreds of phones of different shapes and sizes. The brand is known for its handsets that are well designed and innovative. Even the Lumia phones were notable for their unique and robust styling.

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    People would be really eager to see what the Nokia designers are planning for this year. It will definitely create uniqueness in the Android space. Most Android phones these days are similar to each other with their slim and rectangular slab design. It would be nice to see Nokia come up with some difference in this segment.

    5 Reasons People are Excited About Nokia Android Smartphones

    Android will Solve Issues

    Earlier, Nokia couldn't keep up with other manufacturers in the smartphone race as the Windows Phone ecosystem lacked applications, services, and content in comparison to Android and iOS platforms. This is a major reason for Microsoft to scrap it. The platform was powerful and well optimized, but 90 percent users are used to Android and iOS.

    As per the speculations, Nokia will introduce Android Nougat smartphones this year. If this turns out to be true, all the previous issues that the manufacturer faced earlier will resolve.

    5 Reasons People are Excited About Nokia Android Smartphones

    Nokia will have a Competitive Pricing Angle

    The buzz is that Nokia will release a range of smartphones that will also have a flagship device and few other affordable ones. If Nokia follows the budget pricing strategy alone, it would really not be impressive for all users.

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    Nokia should return to the smartphone space with a bang. Things have changed a bit and Nokia has to come up with a competitive pricing strategy be it in any segment and offer cutting edge hardware too.

    Nokia is Always Innovative

    Be it the overall design or camera technology, Nokia has an excellent lineage in both. It was the first manufacturer to create a revolution in the mobile camera technology with the PureView tech in 2012. It also pushed the boundaries in terms of build materials and design of its phones.

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