5 biggest Smartphone myths busted

    Myths about smartphones are aplenty, still there are some myths about smartphones which bother us all the time. Like should you keep your smartphone in your pocket and will it lead to heart problems. We often see several such myths being circulated in the form of Whatsapp messages and Facebook posts.

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    Lets look at 5 Myths that are deemed to be true but could also be unlikely sometimes:

    Turning on Aeroplane Mode in your Smartphone

    Passengers are requested to Turn on Aeroplane Mode when on a Flight for their own safety.This must be duly followed. However, the fact is that the phone signals do not hinder with the communication systems of the modern Airplane. However, for any unlikely event passengers are told to follow this.

    Mobile Phones can cause Fire at Petrol Stations

    While it may be a local rule to switch off your mobile phones when going to the gas station. The rule is based on scientific study. As Petroleum is highly inflammable, it can catch fire from spark and never from Mobile phones or their Signals. However, in the likelihood that spark from your phone could lit up the whole gas station, you are told to follow this rule.

    Charging your phones overnight will spoil the phones

    The phone battery stop charging itself once it is full. However your phone could get spoiled in case the power socket gets electrocuted or if there are sparks as you would be sleeping and not watching over your phone at night time.

    Incognito Mode

    The fact is you can't really fool around all the time. While you do not create browsing history in this case, your browsing details are known to your Mobile carrier, internet service provider and even your employer if you are browsing in Incognito mode at office. The Data can be accessed and be used by Government and law enforcement agencies.

    Don't Talk on the Phone while Charging

    Don't talk on the phone while charging. This may be true for Spurious and low quality batteries as well as chargers. However, using company manufactured batteries and approved batteries will not create such problems.It is also necessary to check the socket just in case to avoid a possible shock.

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