6 things to do when you lose your Phone

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We have all lost a phone at least once. It could have been stolen, or forgotten, misplaced or dropped. People often become frustrated when they lose their phones. Once you have lost your phone, you have lost your handset and this will need to invest in a new handset. Sometimes it's just fine if you lost money you spent on your phone. For others it could be a breach of their data.While losing your phone will make you feel guilty, but losing out on your data could have consequences.

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Let's look at 5 Things to do when you lose your phone:

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Call on your phone or Text your Phone


Calling your phone or texting your phone is one thing you can do. If your phone is with somebody who could possibly return it back to you. Otherwise, you can give up your hopes.

Change your Passwords


In case you lose your phone is lost, immediately login to a Desktop PC and change all your passwords. Change all passwords of your Email ids, Social Media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or other apps that you use on your phone.

Use Android Device Manager


Android Device manager can be used to locate your phone. The Android Device manager gives you the option or Ring, Lock or Erase your phone. You can choose to do any of this with the Android Device Manager. If you Erase your device, it will be rendered useless for the person who is using your phone

Block your SIM Card


Contact your telecom operator and block your SIM Cards. In this way, the person will not be able to use your SIM cards to make calls. This is a great way to prevent your SIM Card from being used by unauthorized persons for illegal activities.

Go to the Police


In a rather futile attempt, going to the police won't help you much as several phones are lost or stolen in India. You can still go the Police and file a complaint if you feel it is necessary. The police does not usually assist the public in recovering lost phones in India.

Keep an Eye on all Accounts


You can keep an eye on all your Email accounts and Social Media accounts. You can monitor your accounts for a few days to just ensure somebody did not use your social media accounts to post ridiculous stuff or if your email is not being used to send Spam emails or hoax mails.

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