Apple iPhone 8: What to expect from the 2017 Flagship

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Apple is due to launch the iPhone 7 sometime in September and the rumors are already milling over the internet regarding the 2017 iPhone which might be dubbed as iPhone 8, if Apple release an iPhone with naming convention as iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone 8: What to expect from the 2017 Flagship

Previously, Apple used to revamp their iPhones for every two years, but for the first time, the Cupertino giant is considering design change for three years span which will definitely raise questions about the iPhone 8 as it will arrive a new design.

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As of now, there are some rumors floating over the internet regarding the Apple iPhone 8 which includes details regarding the display, design, processor, Touch ID, etc,. So, here's what we know till date regarding the Apple iPhone 8 (2017 iPhone).

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OLED display in making

Apple might be moving to OLED display from LCD panels which apparently makes the smartphone thinner and offers better battery. Having said that, there are rumors regarding this news as Apple has already shipped OLED displays for the 2017 or 2018 iPhone.

All-Glass iPhone

We heard a lot of rumors regarding the Apple iPhone for the year 2017 which might arrive with the all-glass body. The news was earlier reported by the most reliable analyst KGI's Ming-Chi Kuo. Now, a new report from Patently Apple states that Apple is seriously working on an all-glass iPhone for the year 2017.

That said, in the report from Patently Apple, it shows that the flexible displays are bent which leads them to become the edge displays. The edge achieved from the flexible displays can be used as virtual buttons or switches, which rather helps in functioning of the front side displays. The virtual buttons may also dub as shortcuts to several apps or functions such as messaging, camera app, etc.


Apple A11 chipset under-the-hood

Apple might be upgrading the chipset as well for the iPhone 8 as they are rumors saying that the iPhone 7 will arrive with Apple A10 processor and 3GB of RAM for better processing and speed. If Apple includes an A10 chipset in iPhone 7, then surely the iPhone 8 will arrive with the A11 processor.

Edge-to-Edge display

There are many rumors regarding the Edge panel displays from Apple. Samsung started this trend by releasing an Edge variant of the S6 and continued the same with S7 Edge, which was a huge hit. And, recently, they launched the Note 7 with dual-edge display and in future, the Galaxy S8 might arrive in only the Edge variant.

The iPhone 8 might arrive with an Edge-to-Edge display, considering the fact that the S7 Edge have better sales than the flat-panel Galaxy S7.

Touch ID and Camera integrated into display

The Apple iPhone 8 will have huge design change and there are speculations that the Touch ID and front-facing display might be integrated into the display itself, which will be an insane invention if Apple really pushes this project.

Bye-Bye Home Button

So, this move will raise many eyebrows as Apple is considering to ditch the famous home button and integrating the same into the display itself. That said, Apple is already in works of developing a touch and display driver combined, so it is a possible case that iPhone 8 won't feature a home button.

Wireless Charging

Apple might also include wireless charging in the iPhone 8 as the company is considering and all-glass body. So, we might see wireless charging in an iPhone (finally). Apple has reportedly hired employees for building the wireless charging mechanism in iPhones.

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