Apple in Talks With Foxconn to Manufacture iPhones in India: Here's everything you need to know

    When Apple's CEO, Tim Cook visited India, Prime Minister Narendra Minister should have asked Tim Cook to manufacture Apple iPhones in India. He might not give word at that time, but he is considering the plan to be serious.

    Apple Might Start Manufacturing iPhones in India

    In a recent news coming from ET, Apple has reportedly contacted Foxconn to have a possible look of making iPhones in India at least in next two-three years.

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    The major question will be 'Why Apple is reconsidering their decision'. The answer for this question is the depletion of the iPhone sales in India. And, there are other reasons as well, which is making Apple take this as a serious note. Let's find out them below.

    To Boost Sales

    As said earlier, the sales of Apple products has seen a downside in recent times, which is due to the arrival of the several Chinese manufacturers. Many recent reports revealed that India is getting better as a smartphone market.

    Apple Might Start Manufacturing iPhones in India

    Last month, at an event, Tim Cook admitted that "India is fast-growing, but our base there is smaller,". So, to further boost up their sales, Apple should originally manufacture iPhones in India.

    Offer Cheap iPhones

    So far, Apple doesn't get the pricing right, at least in India. The Apple iPhone SE, which was said to be a compact iPhone before its release also priced aggressively at Rs. 39,999. The iPhone 6S was released for around Rs. 54,000, which will steal your pockets.

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    If Apple starts a manufacturing plant in India, then the iPhones will cost cheaper than they are now. Not that cheaper as Xiaomi's devices, but will be cheaper.


    Setting up a manufacturing plant in a country isn't that easy. Several manufacturers have been investing a lot to set up a plant in India with the recent ones to join the list was the Chinese manufacturer LeEco.

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    However, that won't stop Apple and the Cupertino giant will invest a lot in developing the plant. Apple's popularity in India has been tremendous over the years and it continues to the same. Some reports suggest that Apple has shipped more than 1.5 million units of iPhones to India, which is far better than the earlier year.

    When to Expect?

    Apple won't hurry with this decision as the company asked Foxconn to make in next two-three years. That said, the plant will be ready by 2019 or 2020 if everything goes well. By that time, we will also see iPhone 9.

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