Are Non-Removable Batteries Advantageous Than the Removable Ones?

Should your buy a smartphone with removable battery or a non-removable battery?

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While you may agree to disagree, there are only two types of smartphones — the ones with removable battery and others with a non-removable battery. 

Are Non-Removable Batteries Advantageous Than the Removable Ones?

And it’s only obvious to get confused among the two when it comes to narrowing it down to a single choice. Not long ago, smartphones with non-removable batteries were deemed to be a distant dream. But, with smartphone manufacturers putting in all the efforts to make the handsets slimmer — a phone with non-swappable batteries is not only possible but also a standard among the flagship phones now. 

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This only brings us to the question — are smartphones with non-removable batteries advantageous than the removable ones? How do smartphones with removable batteries stack up against the ones with non-removable batteries? Keep reading to find out.

Advantages and disadvantages of non-removable and removable batteries 

Most smartphones that were released in the recent past come with non-removable batteries, and there are a few good reasons for vendors to opt them. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that smartphones with removable batteries don’t have any advantages. In fact, both have their pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some of them here.  

Are Non-Removable Batteries Advantageous Than the Removable Ones?

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Slimmer and Clean Aesthetics: One of the primary reasons for smartphone vendors to opt for phones with non-removable batteries is the fact that it gives them the freedom to trim down unwanted bulge which in turn results in compactness.

On the other hand, for smartphones with removable batteries, vendors don’t have this freedom. Hence the chunky and slab-like handsets.

Are Non-Removable Batteries Advantageous Than the Removable Ones?

Sealing: Non-removable batteries result in a nicely constructed sealed body, which makes it difficult for dust or liquids to enter into the smartphone. Hence better 'IPx’ rating.

Whereas, smartphones with removable batteries are not as tightly packed as its counterparts which make it easier for dust and water to enter the device easily.

Users can/can’t mess with the battery often: This is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

The drawback — people with smartphones that have removable batteries, tend to remove the battery very often, even for the slightest of malfunction. For example, whenever the device freezes, any individual would automatically remove the battery, put it back, and boom! The device gets back to its normal state, right? Wrong! While this may be a temporary fix, in the long term, this very action can lead to damage of the internal components (such as chipsets).   

Thankfully, this is not the case with smartphones that have non-removable batteries — the advantage.

Are Non-Removable Batteries Advantageous Than the Removable Ones?

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Battery replacement costs: Smartphones with removable batteries are easy to repair and can be easily replaced if required.

However, unlike with the case with removable batteries, smartphones with non-removable batteries can only be replaced by a skilled technician, which results in higher replacement charges. 

Resale value: Smartphones with removable batteries have higher resale values than its counterparts. Because batteries degrade over time, and it’s nothing unusual. So, one would obviously want to inspect the condition of battery while purchasing an already used phone for he or she can easily find a replacement if it's a replaceable smartphone. 

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