Beware! Planning to Switch To iPhone Can Prove To Be Risky

Purchasing an iPhone can be a really bad option right now as the Apple's device has been recently questioned about privacy issues. Read more for details..

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Apple's iPhone has been making headlines recently. Well, not for any of its new launch,
but for the trouble that most iPhone users are suffering from at the moment.

Beware! Planning to Switch To iPhone Can Prove To Be Risky

Earlier, being an iPhone user was a matter of privilege, but not anymore. Apple's iPhone devices are being under a limelight for misusing its user's personal information, including call logs, photos, and other saved details on their devices.

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Just in case you're thinking to exchange your smartphone to an iPhone, it may not be the right time to do so. Check out why from here.

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iPhone Secretly Records Your Call Logs

Apple's iPhone has been questioned about privacy issues for quite a lot of times recently. Inquisitr recently reported that a Russian software and digital forensics company named ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. claimed that there are privacy issues with Apple's cloud services as it is extracting and recording iPhone's call logs from iCloud without the user's consent.

Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype and Other Details Are Recorded

Most applications including Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Callkit and others in iPhone is usually synced with that of iCloud, which in turn means that the company is also indirectly recording those details and the user is just not aware of it.

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Photos Synced and Stored on Apple's Servers Still Remains After Deleting

According to reports by Inquisitr, ElcomSoft has recently discovered that Apple, along with call logs also retains back the photos in their server even after the user deletes it from their device, which can surely prove to be extremely risky.

iPhone 6 Touch Disease

It is recently that iPhone 6 users complained about the "touch disease" issue that they are facing with their handset. Supposedly, iPhone 6 users experienced their device screen to freeze out, be unresponsive along with grey flickering bars. However, Apple has acknowledged the issue and is trying to resolve the problem.

iOS 10 is Prone to Hackers

Users with iPhone iOS 10 are prone to a new issue as their lock screen exploit which in turn enable hackers to gain access to the user's personal data and all their information saved within the device.

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