Charge your smartphone faster with these simple tricks

You can charge your smartphone faster.

    Smartphone and battery life are related terms. Smartphone users face issues with battery life, especially Android users. Leaving the battery life apart, the other issue is charging their smartphone faster.

    Charge your smartphone faster with these simple tricks

    Well, it is a tough task as you might tend to use your phone while you plug in the charger. By saying using, we mean connecting to the internet, browsing the web, chatting with friends, etc. These activities will slow down the process of charging. To make it faster, the smartphone manufacturers are coming up with fast charging technology that is inbuilt in their offerings, but not all phones have the same.

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    If you want to charger your smartphone faster, there are some pretty simple tricks to do it. Still guessing? Well, take a glance at the tips given below to know more.

    Use only the wall adapter, don't rely on USB charging

    Make sure you use the wall adapter that came along with your smartphone for charging. Also, don't rely much on the other types of charging such as USB charging, power banks, etc. until there is a situation that you can't use the wall charger. The wall charger, especially the original charger will render a much faster charging process that cannot be compared with the other types of charging. Even the fast charging feature that your phone is equipped with will come into action only with the adapter that was bundled with the device.

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    Turn on Airplane mode even if you aren't on board

    The less functionality given to your phone, the faster it will charge. If you want to juice up your phone's batttery quickly, you can enable the Airplane mode function. This will cut down the internet connectivity, wireless radios, and other capabilities so that your phone can focus only on charging. Remember that you won't be able to receive calls or messages while Airplane mode is turned on. Many smartphone users turn on the Airplane mode only when they are on board, but it can be used otherwise as well.

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    Keep the unwanted features turned off

    All the connectivity features on your smartphone including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, mobile data, etc. will use up the battery life to a great extent. While you have plugged in the charger, if you want quick charging to happen, you need to make sure that all the unwanted features are turned off. This way, your phone will not have the necessity to spend the power on other features. It will just focus on charging and the same will happen quickly.


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