MYTH or FACT: You're Killing Your Smartphone Battery By Charging it Overnight!

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Ever since the mobile phones became an integral part of our lives, there's a debate going on related to the charging myths.

Are You Killing Your Smartphone Battery By Charging it Overnight!

It's common that we use our smartphones to a great extent that the device is rarely any charge left at night. Eventually, we tend to leave our phones plugged in for charging at night and fall asleep with the thought that by morning the device will be charged fully.

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However, the long-running debate is if its really safe to leave the phone connected to the charged overnight even after the device is charged fully. There are many who do it, but others believe that charging overnight will damage the battery or shorten its lifespan.

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While there are many myths related to this topic, we have come up with some answers to help you get some bit of clarity. Take a look at the slider below.

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Your phone is pretty smart!

One common belief that many people have is that the smartphones are pretty smart to know if they are charged fully or not. They claim that leaving the phone connected to the charger overnight will not cause any harm as it knows when it should stop taking it power protecting itself from overcharging.

Will it affect the battery life?

Though there are no chances of overcharging, plugging in the phone to the charger overnight is claimed to reduce the battery's lifespan gradually.

Pull off the case before charging

Experts claim that the lithium-ion batteries that are used in smartphones these days react poorly when the phone is exposed to elevated temperatures. This will result in a damaging effect that will increase the battery temperature and cause cell oxidation. This will reduce its capacity and lifespan as well. So, it is better to remove the case of your phone while charging to let the heat escape the device.

The right way!

The lithium-ion batteries will be healthy on charging them between 50 percent and 80 percent. This lets the charged ions to work continuously and protect the battery life. Frequent top-ups of charge are suggested to ensure a healthier battery. This may not be convenient, but it is the right way to get the longest battery life.

Charge cycles should be noted

The charge cycle of the battery has to be noted. A charge cycle is the one from which your battery goes from empty to almost empty. A battery has a limited number of such charge cycles before its life comes to an end. There can be a high number of charge cycles before reaching this limit, but the battery will gradually move towards a noticeable degrade.

Use original accessories

The quality of the accessories that you use to charge your phone is an important factor to consider. It's best to use the original charger and cable that came along with the phone. If not, buy another original cable and charger. This could be expensive, but reliable.

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