5 Warning Signs That it’s Time to Replace Your Smartphone’s Battery

    As per industry experts from the Battery University, a leading resource for information on batteries, the average lifespan of any smartphone's lithium-ion battery is 300-500 charging cycles.

    5 Warning Signs That it’s Time to Replace Your Smartphone’s Battery

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    Each time a phone is plugged into charge, especially when its below 70%, its considered as one charging cycle. Hence, a smartphone's battery is designed to work efficiently for a year and a half. Hence, it might need a replacement when it's under-performing.

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    But sometimes, a smartphone's battery can last longer, depending on the usage and performance. There are several ways to find out if your smartphone needs a battery replacement or not. Here today, we have listed out some signs which will indicate that you need to change your smartphone's battery.

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    Take a look!

    Is the phone overheating frequently?

    It is known that the lithium ion batteries generate heat as they are charged. However, the batteries are optimized to manage the heat and shielding it from becoming noticeable. If it starts becoming too hot to touch your phone even on moderate usage pretty often, it means its time to look for a battery replacement.

    Check for a bulge in the battery

    It is easy to spot a difference in the battery. You need to just remove the battery from your phone (if it is a removable one) and look for bulging or corrosion near the terminals. If the battery is bulged, you need to take it to the vendor for advice if it has to be replaced. Don't use the damaged battery as it might cause harm to the circuitry of the phone.

    Keep a check on the battery life

    You need to diagnose the battery's health by monitoring how fast the battery level drops. You shouldn't notice more than two percentage of the battery level instantly. If the battery level drops from full charge to zero in a few hours even while you haven't used the phone for intense activities, you need to consider replacing the battery.

    Check the water strip

    Normally, the water strip on the battery will be white in color and it will turn pink or red when it is exposed to water. If the strip has turned to a a different color, it means that your phone's battery may have water damage and needs to be replaced. Aside from exposure to water, this damage can occur due to the condensation if you regularly move between warm and cold locations.

    It’s Dead: Your phone doesn't turn on at all

    This is an obvious indication pointing to the replacement of your phone's battery. If your phone is not turning on due to the dead battery, it needs a battery replacement. However, you need to first try to charge the phone and if it doesn't turn on and show no signs of power such as lights, sounds, etc. it needs a permanent battery replacement.


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