7 Tips and Tricks to Charge Your Android Smartphone Battery Faster

    Every day, you carry your smartphones everywhere you go without fail and use it extensively for almost all tasks. You would have faced a scenario in which you are ready to leave somewhere and the smartphone is having a very low battery percentage as you've forgotten to charge it.

    7 Tips and Tricks to Charge Your Android Smartphone Battery Faster

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    Of course, you can put it on charge for a few minutes, but your device hardly gets charged by 2 or 3 percent that will soon be drained if you connect to the internet or check email and WhatsApp updates.

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    How can you avoid the situation? Well, you can do it by knowing some tricks that will help you charge your Android battery faster. Here is our guide to charge your Android smartphone faster so that it is useful in case of any emergency.

    Say No to Wireless Charging

    We don't recommend wireless charging in case you are in a hurry. This technology cannot render enough power quickly as the cables do. The wireless quick charging is an exception as it is more effective than the USB charging, but keep in mind that it is less effective in comparison to using a wall charger.

    Buy a Fast Charger

    These days, Android most smartphones come with the fast charing feature. You need to make use of a fast charger to get the desired results. Even if the charger that came along with the smartphone is not a fast charger, you can purchase one from out to get a good battery boost.

    Use the Wall Charger

    All Android chargers have a universal fitting by default, but they are not the same. It is a bad idea to charge your phone quickly by connecting the charging cable to your laptop. The 2.5 watts of power from a USB 2.0 port or the 4.5 watts of power from a USB 3.0 port is really not enough to charge your smartphone quickly. In fact, a wall charger is the best for quick charging.

    Switching Off Your Phone is Not a Bad Idea

    If possible, you can even switch off your smartphone to recharge it faster than turning on the Airplane Mode. This way too, you will miss out on the notifications until your phone is turned on, but it is not a bad idea to get a good battery level quickly.

    Enable Airplane Mode

    The activities that you phone is involved in when it is charging will make the charging time longer. So, make sure you enable Airplane Mode to charge your smartphone quickly. Turning on Airplane Mode will block wireless radio, reduce the capabilities of the phone and stop it from getting involved in many tasks. Of course, it will stop your phone from getting calls and messages, but it is worthy as your phone will be usable for a few hours.

    Turn on Power Saving Mode

    Every Android smartphone that has been launched lately comes with a power saving mode of some sort. You can enable this mode to conserve the battery power when the charger is plugged in.

    Keep Unwanted Features Turned Off

    When you connect your smartphone to the charger, make sure the unwanted features such as WI-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi are turned off as these will consume a lot of the battery power. You need to close all the apps and stop the phone from doing automatic backups or app updates.

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