7 Facts about Smartphone Battery and Solutions to Prevent Explosion

By Abhinaya Prabhu

    These days, it isn't uncommon to hear about a smartphone that burst or exploded. Lately, we heard the explosion of a Xiaomi Mi 4i in an office. Earlier too, we heard cases of many other devices too that have exploded while the owners were around.

    7 Facts about Smartphone Battery and Solutions to Prevent Explosion

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    While the Xiaomi Mi 4i explosion has created a buzz in the smartphone space, we have come up with some tips to prevent the situation. Following these tips, you can prevent your smartphone battery from bursting into flames or exploding.

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    First, you need to keep in mind that unless there is a major flaw in the battery assembly or design, it is quite unlikely for any device, be it a tablet, smartphone, radio or anything to explode. Even if it happens, it is not just the device's battery that is to be blamed. Take a look at this content for more details.

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    Two major causes

    Mostly, the explosion of the smartphone battery happens due to one of the two factors that are mentioned here. First, it could be the battery's fault and the next could be due to the charger that is not an original one meant for the device.

    Thermal runaway of lithium batteries

    The Lithium batteries suffer the thermal runaway problem that makes them generate excess heat. Due to this, such batteries are equipped with a system that protects against hazardous chemical reactions and overcharging. Usually, inexpensive batteries that are made by the unknown companies will not be as reliable as the ones made by the manufacturer.

    Thin batteries

    Smartphone batteries have become thinner and there is very less space between the positive and negative plates in the battery. So, a very thin separator is used and this can cause issues if the battery is not designed to meet the required standards and if the battery is overcharged.

    Charging your phone overnight

    If you are charging your phone all through the night, you need to change the habit as it is very dangerous for the battery and you too. It will expose the battery to overcharging on a regular basis that is hazardous.

    Use only original battery

    Use only an original battery from the manufacturer or the ones that are made by reputed replacement brands. You might consider using cheap batteries, but it might be a trouble later resulting in an explosion of your phone.

    Don't expose your phone to heat

    Don't leave your smartphone or any device in hot areas, especially when you have plugged in the charger. This will overheat the device and make the situation worse. Remember that the batteries are affected a lot by the ambient temperatures.

    Don't discharge your battery level too low

    Make sure you plug in the charger once the battery level hits 30 percent as it is a good thing. The Li-Ion batteries suffer from issues that they get damaged by low voltage.

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