Does Plastic Makes A Phone Cheap? We Don’t Think So!


If you are an active social media user, then you might have seen the reaction on the newly announced Galaxy Note20. Though the Note20 Ultra is getting a lot of positive feedback, its smaller iteration faced a lot of flak for the material of choice, ie, plastic.

Does Plastic Makes A Phone Cheap? We Don’t Think So!


After a long time, Samsung has launched a prime time Galaxy Note device with a plastic back panel and people are now questioning Samsung's choice. Did Samsung choose plastic over glass just a save a few bucks? Here is what we think.

Glass Is Expensive Than Plastic

Glass is undoubtedly a much expensive material when compared to plastic or polycarbonate. Not just that, plastic is much easier to work when compared to glass, giving a free hand to the designer to play around the material.

At the launch event, Samsung claimed that the Galaxy Note20's back panel is made using polycarbonate. Not just that, the company even claimed that it feels like a glass with a matte finish. At 192 grams, the Note20 is slightly lighter than the Note20 Ultra, which weighs 208 grams.

Even though the Note20 Ultra uses a plastic back panel, the company hasn't skimped on features like IP rating or wireless charging, which is a good thing. Do note that, even though it has a plastic back panel, the device still uses a metal mid-frame, which should keep the device structurally sound.

Does Plastic Makes A Phone Cheap? We Don’t Think So!


Nord Is No Different

The Galaxy Note20 is not the only phone that received criticism for choosing plastic as the choice of material. The recently announced OnePlus Nord also faced similar backlash. Unlike the Note20, which has a plastic back panel, the Nord has a glass back panel but with a plastic mid-frame.

So, these two devices are using plastic in different places and receiving disapproval of the same fashion. It looks like it's the mindset that makes people consider plastic as a cheap material, as it is used on entry-level and mid-range smartphones.

Plastic Flagship Phones Are Not That Bad

More than 90 percent of the budget and mid-range smartphones uses plastic frame and plastic body, which helps to reduce the overall cost of manufacturing. Hence, people always relate to plastic as a cheap material, and it is a cheap material.

All plastic is not the same and it completely depends on how the brand incorporates it. In fact, a plastic phone will be much durable when compared to a smartphone with a glass back panel and it will be lighter as well.

In fact, a phone with a plastic frame will offer better cellular reception, as metal tends to block signals. The only problem that I have with the plastic is that it scratches much easier when compared to glass and metal. Other than that, plastic is a great cheap material to work with which has a lot of pros when compared to glass and metal and it is also not the best material when it comes to heat dissipation just like glass.

Pros Of Plastic Bodied Phone

  • Easy To Work With
  • Makes The Phone Lighter
  • Does Not Interfere With Cellular Reception
  • Reduces The Cost Of Manufacturing
  • Reduces The Cost Of Repair

Cons Of A Plastic Bodied Phone

  • Feels Cheap
  • Scratches Easily

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