Factory Reset Myth Exposed: The Ultimate Way to Completely Wipe Your Android Device

    Your smartphone or tablet is nothing but an extension of yourself into the digital world. You tend to use it all the time and so it is common that you store everything in it for easy access.

    Here's the Best Way to Erase All the Data on Your Android Device

    People usually store their data such as photos, contacts, emails, and even sensitive information on their smartphones. When you are planning to upgrade to a new device, you might either sell the old device or give it away to someone. In that case, you will have to make sure all the data in the device is wiped off.

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    To erase all the data from the device, you might immediately do a Factory Reset thinking that it is the only way to securely delete your details from the device. However, this is a misconception.

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    Here, we have come up with why factory rest is not the best way to erase all the data from your Android device and the best way to wipe it completely. Take a look!

    Why you shouldn't do a factory reset?

    Keep in mind that a file is not erased completely when it is deleted. The information it contains is marked as hidden or deleted and it is stored in another free location on the device's storage. Factory reset will just revert your device to the default state. Though most of the data will be deleted, some information such as email or multimedia will remain in the internal memory.

    Don't fail to encrypt the device

    It is best to encrypt your device before you plan to wipe it clean. Encryption will scramble the data and info stored on your device before you initiate the factory reset.

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    Why encryption is always safe?

    Even if the factory reset doesn't delete the data, a special key will be needed to unscramble it. You can encrypt your device from Settings → Security → Encrypt phone based on the make of your device.

    Now, you can perform a factory reset

    After encrypting your Android device, you can perform a factory reset. You can go to Settings on your device and hit factory data reset in the backup and reset option.

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    Keep this in mind

    Make sure you backup all the information stored on your device before you start the encryption and factory reset procedures.


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