Features That Apple Might Discontinue After iPhone 14: SIM Card Slot, Lightning Port, More


The Apple Far Out event is among the most highly anticipated events of 2022 for a good reason. After all, Apple is expected to debut the iPhone 14 lineup, in addition to the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Pro, and the next-gen AirPods Pro. The upcoming iPhone 14 series is tipped to have a revamped design and improved performance, at least for the Pro models.

List Of Features That Apple Might Discontinue After iPhone 14

At the same time, reports suggest a few familiar features might go the way of the dodo following the iPhone 14 series. For instance, the notch itself is expected to be radically different on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models. Some even claim the SIM card slot won't be available on select iPhone 14 models. Here's a list of features that Apple might discontinue past the iPhone 14 series.

Apple Might Get Rid Of The Ugly Notch, Finally

The notch is one of the first design aspects rumored to disappear with the iPhone 14 series. This is yet another example of Apple playing catch-up, since most Android phones feature a punch-hole cutout or a waterdrop notch, which provides a better screen real estate and enhances the overall experience.

Rumors suggest the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro models will have two display cutouts instead of a single, wide notch. These include a punch-hole and another pill-shaped cutout. When the display is turned on, it might look like a single pill-shaped cutout. Meanwhile, Apple is expected to expand the content around the cutout for a better user experience.

Reports also claim the improved notch won't be available on the iPhone 14 base models. However, we can expect improved displays in all the upcoming iPhone models. It might finally be time to say goodbye to the unwieldy wide notch that's been around for generations.

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Will Apple Remove The SIM Card Slot On iPhone 14?

The SIM card slot is another feature that might be discontinued after the iPhone 14 series. Latest rumors suggest that Apple was already considering removing the SIM card slot for the iPhone 14 lineup. That lines up with its intention to push for eSIM adoption and its vision to build a port-less iPhone. Presently, the new iPhone 14 lineup might retain the SIM card slot. But future models, including the next-gen iPhone 15 series might skip it altogether.

List Of Features That Apple Might Discontinue After iPhone 14

Apple's Port-Less Design Without The Lightning Port

Speaking of the port-less design, Apple is rumored to skip the age-old Lightning port as well. Most leaked posters of the iPhone 14 models confirm the Lightning port will still be available. However, this might be the last generation to have this feature. The future iPhone models might only support wireless charging, surpassing the need for a charging port.

Currently, EU regulators are pushing Apple to adopt the USB Type-C port; especially since the interface is now as universal as its name suggests. This move would also reduce e-waste, and actually align with Apple's oft-stated claims to be environment friendly and embrace sustainability. The fact that both Android and iPhone users could then be able to share charging cables, would reduce a lot of e-waste ending up in the landfill.

But knowing Apple's inherent stubbornness, it might take a different route altogether and switch to wireless charging, instead of sharing the same USB Type-C port with Android peasants.

Apple Might End Compact Phones For Good

Presently, rumors suggest the iPhone 14 lineup will include four models-just like the previous-gen iPhone 13. But here, Apple is said to replace the Mini model with the Max variant. This means, we might witness the debut of iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. If this is true, we might be bidding adieu to the Mini series of compact iPhones for good.

Finally, the new iPhone 14 series is expected to introduce a few new features, most of which will be prominent on the Pro models. Some reports even suggest that Apple might begin differentiating its base and pro models even more with the next-gen iPhones. The changes implemented to the line-up with the iPhone 14 launch will provide more insight about the direction of future iPhone models.

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