4 Cool Ways To Free Up Space On Your iPhone

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It is common for Apple users to run out of space when they are looking for a cool app or amidst any important installation as there is no expandable storage support. This could be extremely frustrating to face the situation.

4 Cool Ways To Free Up Space On Your iPhone

Once you are facing a lack of space issue, you might immediately resort to deleting some apps or photos on your iPhone. Instead of deleting these, you can try the simple ways that are detailed here.

Try the following methods to free considerable storage space on your iPhone. Before going to the methods, you need to analyze the stats of your phone.

4 Cool Ways To Free Up Space On Your iPhone

Know the stats of your iPhone

First, you need to assess the total space that you are using. This can be done by going to Settings → General → Storage & iCloud Usage. Under Storage, you will get to know the space that is used locally and the space that is free.

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Then, click on Manage Storage that is within the Storage Settings menu. It will list the applications that are ranked from largest to smallest. In case, there are unused apps that are large in size, delete them to free up space.

You can also view the storage stats by connecting the iPhone to a computer with iTunes. This will let you view the storage space that is used including the space that is occupied by Other data.

4 Cool Ways To Free Up Space On Your iPhone

Using the Cloud is very easy to free up space on your iPhone

It is quite easy to move files to the Cloud to free up space on your iPhone. Those iPhone users with large Camera Rolls can enable Apple iCloud that gives 5 GB free space. In case, you need more than 5 GB, you can purchase the required amount of storage by paying a specific amount.

Under the Settings →iCloud → Photos, there is an option called Optimize iPhone Storage. It will save photos and videos on the iPhone but in a smaller format consuming less space. The full resolution photos will be saved in iCloud for easy access.

Similar low-cost or free storage solutions are Google Photos and Dropbox that cost a specific amount of storage. Apps such as IceCream, and ShoeBox provide free unlimited video and photo storage.

4 Cool Ways To Free Up Space On Your iPhone

Change the offline data settings

You might prefer downloading reading material, podcasts, and music offline, but remember that it might consume more space.

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In case, you face some space issue, it is important that you assess the tunes you need to access when there is no Internet connection. Streaming the videos and music will save the space considerably in the long run.

4 Cool Ways To Free Up Space On Your iPhone

Don't storage texts for long

Though there are many instant messaging apps, texting is still preferred by many. The messages will take up a lot of space on your iPhone. In iOS, messages can be set to be saved forever, but you can still change the same to one year or 30 days.

You can do this by going to Settings → Messages → Keep Messages and choosing the specific time frame. If there are many messages, you can free up lots of space.

4 Cool Ways To Free Up Space On Your iPhone

Delete temporary files and cache regularly

It is quite easy to free some space by deleting the temporary files and cache. To clear the cookies, history, and browsing data in Safari, you need to go to Settings → Safari → Clear History and Website Data.


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