Here are 5 ways drones could change the Indian economy

    Drones have been a talking point for many on the web. Be it about surveillance, photography or product deliveries. And every now and then we get to see drones made for the general public as well as for industries.

    But if drones are to be launched here in India, how far would its contribution be to the economy and the people in general?

    5 ways drones could change the Indian industry

    Smart surveillance

    Our government has already issued guidelines that restrict the use of drones around major official Government localities. But if drones were used by them too, surveillance would become a lot easier over prime locations.

    5 ways drones could change the Indian industry

    Speedy help

    Our country is hit many times by calamities without any warning. And getting emergency services to the spot takes hours too. Drones are perfect to quickly assess the damage and to keep feeding LIVE coverage to the rescue teams about the situations. Medical supplies and food can be sent to areas that are hit worse.

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    5 ways drones could change the Indian industry

    E-commerce unburdened

    E-commerce industry in vibrant and booming at the moment. And every customer that gets their goods on time would be happy to see a drone at their doorstep (creepy, yet cool). Delivery of goods to areas that not accessible by roads could be done with ease thanks to these machines. plans to release its own delivery service via drones by next year.

    5 ways drones could change the Indian industry

    Even for all

    If drones get more trendy and easier to use, it won't be long before many companies in India make their own drones. Xiaomi, for instance, is said to launch its drone in a couple of days. Indian companies too can start manufacturing for consumers and step up the competition.

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    5 ways drones could change the Indian industry

    Cool jobs

    If drones are commercialized in India, it will usher in the possibility of bringing in more job opportunities. Our country is already known to have large air-traffic in the major cities. And controlling the airways is a great responsibility that we can take up. No one wants a drone to suddenly appear on a runway of the Mumbai airport and catch a Boeing 747 by surprise.

    Drones will not reach the public so early, but if the proper laws and functioning bodies are set up, we may herald in a new era of development and success in the nation.

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