Get Better Battery Life on Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone with These 5 Tricks

    Samsung has been going through a rough phase owing to the inadvertent battery explosions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

    Get Better Battery Life on Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

    In addition to that, the complaints raised on poor battery life offered by the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Galaxy S6, and S6 Edge due to issues with the Oculus app is making things only worse.

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    That being said, Oculus has acknowledged this issue and rolled out an update to fix it. But if you're still facing battery draining issues, follow the below tips and tricks to spare yourself some battery life.

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    Kill the apps that are eating up your battery

    Killing the apps which are consuming large amounts of battery life is a good place to start at. Try to uninstall unnecessary apps and always keep an eye on these applications for they may cause problems at any point of time.

    Adjust screen brightness

    If you want to spare yourselves some battery, head straight to Settings > Display > Brightness and adjust it to whatever the intensity you're comfortable with. Usually, anything around 40% should be fine unless you're using your smartphone under the sunlight. You can also adjust the brightness just by pulling down the quick toggle settings.

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    Uninstall the Facebook app

    Facebook app is one of the main culprits for poor battery life on your Galaxy smartphone. If possible, delete it right away and you'll see the difference soon.

    Update the Oculus app

    Like mentioned earlier, Oculus has rolled out an update to fix the battery draining issue. So, just open the Google Play Store and hit the update button to fix the issue.

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    Use a dark wallpaper

    Most of the Galaxy smartphones feature an AMOLED display, and there's one big advantage to it. Unlike the LCD displays, AMOLED display just needs to turn off the light behind pixels to deliver blacks, meaning it doesn't need any power to display blacks. As a result, you can save some power by using black or dark themed wallpapers.

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