Here Are Few Smartphone Flops of 2016 That You Would Definitely Agree!

Being the worst year for the smartphone sector, here are a few smartphone flops of 2016 you'll surely agree.

    The calender year has been really disappointing for the smartphone industry, be it for the existing mobile giants or the new entrants.

    Here Are Few Smartphone Flops of 2016 That You Would Definitely Agree!

    2016 has seen several new brands popping up in the Indian market and getting mixed reactions from the critics. On the other end, there have been several high-end phones that have been making headlines due to the faulty battery or various other hardware or software bugs.

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    Another key aspect why 2016 has proved to be a year of downfall is due to the innumerable amount of battery explosions. Starting from banning of some models to recalling a few here is a listicle of smartphones that has highly disappointed the smartphone lovers, and you would surely agree with us on this.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    Everyone will agree with Note 7 being the highly disappointing smartphone of the year. Starting from various incidents of battery explosions across the world to its ban on airlines, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the name that all fears now.

    Although the company soon accepted their fault and decided to recall, not only the faulty phones but all the Note 7 devices. This has surely put a mark on Samsung as a brand, however, the company is confident that they will retain their market position with their next launch.

    Sony Xperia XZ

    With a classy and stylish look, this Sony smartphone includes various eye catchy features including the rear camera, 5 axis video stabilization technology, sensor imaging technology and more. Well, why the phone falls to the list of flops is due to its high price tag of Rs. 51,990 which is way beyond being a reasonable device and not everyone can afford it.

    Google Pixel and Pixel XL

    The most awaited smartphone of the year has surely been Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Being one of the biggest launches of the year, Pixel smartphones have surely given sleepless nights to the other mobile manufacturers.

    But the drawback on these phones is their high price tags starting from Rs. 57,000 going up to nearly Rs. 76,000. Price is one of the key factors that a user considers before purchasing a smartphone along with the features that it offers.

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    Apple iPhone 7

    Well, iPhone 7 has surely been an unlucky number for the smartphone manufacturers in 2016. After Galaxy Note 7, iPhone 7 was the one to join the explosion category. The year has noticed several incidents on iPhone 7 explosions across the globe, though not as much as Samsung Note 7 surely.

    Apple fans surely expected a drastic change in iPhone 7, however, other than the added dual-camera feature the smartphone surely seemed to be an upgraded version of the earlier iPhones 6S, which is in limelight recently due to its battery issues.

    Sony Xperia X

    Moving from its Z to X series, Sony announced its flagship Xperia X early this year in India. Running on Snapdragon 650 SoC and having a 23 MP camera, the smartphone was made available at the price of Rs. 50,000 and isn't quite affordable by most Indians.

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