Here're 5 Reasons Why Android Users Feel More Awesome Than iPhone Users

Here are reasons that make us feel Android is better than iOS.

    While Android and iOS have both dominated the smartphone market, there is a constant debate going on regarding which is better. You'll even find many articles regarding the same on the internet. Interestingly, you will see the clash of the fans maybe through the reviews.

    However, both the platforms have their own pros and cons. Android might have a slight edge over iOS.

    Here're 5 Reasons Why Android User Feels More Awesome Than iPhone User

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    On the other hand, we have all been coexisting with devices featuring both the OS and although we might have a particular liking towards one, here are 5 reasons why Android users feel that their phone is much better than iPhone.

    Choices, Choices and More Choices

    Well, you might already know that there are a lot of smartphone manufacturers who sport the Android OS. So when you want to buy an Android phone there is an endless amount of phones to choose from.

    The sheer variety of Android smartphones from manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, Huawei, ZTE, and others is staggering. Plus, the Android phones also come with a lot of different features and are priced at affordable rates.

    Apple also has a few sizes to offer, but size is not the only differentiator here.


    This might be the strongest factor for Android to beat its competitors. Compared to iOS that keeps control of default apps to maintain a homogenous software and hardware experience, Android gives its user's more options to customize their smartphone in a way that they like.

    Users can install a lot of different launchers and free apps for customization with which users can totally change or tweak the factory settings that comes with the phone. So this may be changing simple things like live wallpapers, alternative keyboards, custom ROM installs, etc.

    More Free Apps

    While the app stores Google Play Store and Apple App Store have been locked in a constant battle, there is always an intense competition on which one will be providing more apps or generating more revenue.

    However, according to a report by the website, Android has 17 percent more apps available compared to iOS. Additionally, there were 57 percent free apps, which is more than double of what iOS users get.

    Besides, Apple tends to provide app at a cost which might also be the reason that it is generating more revenue than Android.

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    Google Integration

    This can be an important factor for users considering that Android devices can integrate seamlessly with Google's array of services.

    While people are increasingly using their mobile devices to go online and use Google's services, Apple and iOS do not seem to keep up. Although iOS users can also use Google's services, a deep level of integration simply isn't there.

    Android users can, therefore, work seamlessly unlike iOS users.

    Reasonable Price

    With different brands available, users have a choice to get a cheaper smartphone, unlike iOS. The users are not restricted to buying just a particular set of phones, but they have the ability to choose from many smartphones according to the budget. Android users can get the best deal for their phones.

    All in all, both the devices have their advantages and disadvantages but what Android is offering surely outweighs the iOS devices.

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