LG G5 Announced: 10 cool features no one told you about!

    LG has come up with a brilliant answer to the Samsung's bold and beautiful Galaxy S7 smartphone and Apple's iPhone 6s. At the ongoing MWC 2016 event in Spain, the South Korean company has unveiled its most futuristic smartphone in the form of the much awaited G5. The LG G5 is a modular smartphone that combines some very interesting features and specifications. In short, it seems to be the best phone ever from LG's kitty.

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    LG G5 launched: First Look!

    A first look at LG G5! #MWC2016 #GizBotATMWC2016

    Posted by GizBot on Monday, February 22, 2016

    With the launch of its latest flagship smartphone, the G5, LG is certainly going to steal a lot of attention from paparazzi as well as gadget buffs present at the world's biggest tech show, MWC 2016. Not only does the phone flaunts an offbeat design, but also fetches attention for a family of accessories that give it the best company.

    We pick 10 things that we absolutely loved about the LG G5, and are looking forward to be exploring once we get our hands on the device. Take a look:


    With the G5, LG seems to have taken a big step ahead in the design segment, as the phone has a detachable bottom part that holds the battery of the phone. The part can simply be pulled out of the phone. Till now, Google's Project Ara has been one project that stayed in talks for its modular swappable parts ever since it was announced in 2014, however the phone still remains in the pilot phase. The LG G5 is not a completely modular phone like the Project Ara but it features a swappable part and is not a distant thing.


    The LG G5 flaunts an aluminum body which looks premium and smooth as seen in official images and videos. LG has designed the phone beautifully by bringing about some major changes in design to give the LG G5 a refresh look than the last year's G4. The best is that it has a unibody design but that does not block its battery which can be taken out by simply pulling out the bottom panel.


    The LG G5 is undoubtedly going to be a powerhouse for it houses Qualcomm's new top of the line chipset, the Snapdragon 820. The SoC is paired with a massive 4GB of RAM to ensure smooth performance of the G5. It has 32GB of internal storage expandable using a microSD card.


    LG G5 is not just more powerful but it is also bigger than its predecessor. The phone features a 5.3-inch QHD display offering 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution, which was missing from its 2015 flagship G4 smartphone. The display looks impressive in photos and videos, and we are hoping that it will actually work better than its predecessor which also featured a bright and beautiful display.


    The phone has a fingerprint scanner placed at the back, close to the camera module. The company has changed the design of the back-key set up, but it has not moved the power key on front or on sides. The G5's power button is built into the fingerprint scanner and can be pressed in to turn the phone off/on. It seems more comfortable to be used than the earlier set up.


    Another major attraction of the LG G5 is the it adorns two powerful cameras on the back. You get a primary 16MP snapper accompanied with a 135-degree wide angle 8MP camera to take great wide-angle shots. Interestingly, both these cameras can operate and be used individually for different shots. The primary camera wide-angled one can be used for capturing wider shots of beautiful landscapes, or big monuments. Moreover, both the cameras can be used together to combine photos or layer pics on each other. Considering that LG focussed a lot of camera even on last year's G4, which did deliver great camera performance, we are hoping that the LG G5 will be far better in the imaging department.


    Another feature that makes the LG G5 a future ready smartphone is the presence of the USB-C Type reversible port, which is likely to be missing from the Samsung Galaxy S7. Many companies are brining the USB-C Type in fashion as it is capable of reverse function and offer higher transfer speeds.


    LG has made a few major and biggest software additions in the latest version of its LG UX, present on top of the Android. The UI doesn't feature an app drawer anymore to make the interface smooth and less confusing. It actually will be more like the Apple's iOS for iPhones, and some of the Chinese smartphones that don't have app drawers .


    The G5 features a 2,800mAh battery, but what we likes is that the battery is removable by simply pulling out the bottom chin. This will allow extensive-phone users to carry a spare battery to use it in case of need.


    A very interesting part of the phone is that you can add another component to the phone. The company has also unveiled two new accessories, dubbed as the Hi-Fi Plus and the LG Cam Plus, which have especially been designed for the G5. The Cam Plus is meant to enhance the camera experience as it works like a camera grip and features a physical shutter button and a zooming wheel to operate the camera of the phone single handedly. If that is not enough, it can double up as a battery backup for the phone. The Hi-Fi Plus is a portable audio device that can be used to boosts audio playback. The Hi-Fi Plus houses an audio grille, a USB Type-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack for further usability.

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