OnePlus 3 Tips and Tricks: 24 Hidden Features that Most People Don’t Know

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Oneplus is back with another killer flagship - the Oneplus 3. The phone has been launched in India at a price of Rs. 27,999 and is available on Amazon India from June 24th, 2016 in India.

OnePlus 3 Tips and Tricks: 24 Hidden Features You Gotta Know Right Now

The design, camera, processor and all other aspects of the smartphone have got a bump in specs as compared to the predecessor. The phone is faster and accurate than ever before.

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With a cool and slim look, upgraded fingerprint scanner, quad HD display, solid GPU and more upgraded camera, the phone is swaying many hearts in the market.

So, if you're one of them and planning to buy or have already bought this beauty, it's time for you to become a pro on this handy device.

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Here today at GizBot, we have come up with a list of tweaks, tips, and tricks which you should if you own the Oneplus 3. Most of the tips will also be applicable to other Oneplus devices running on Oxygen OS.

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

Manual Camera mode

Tip #1

The Oneplus 3 comes with a manual mode where you can tap to focus and also set the exposure point. Launch the camera app, swipe left for modes and select - manual mode.

Use Volume keys for Camera

Tip #2

One can also use volume keys of the smartphone as a shutter button to shoot the picture. Further, the shutter button can be used to start or end the recording.

Swap Button at the bottom

Tip #3

You can always go to settings of your Oneplus 3 phone, select ‘buttons' and swap the functionality of virtual and capacitive keys at the bottom.

Double tap actions

Tip #4

In the same menu option, there's an option to set your particular action requirement on the Double tap. You can set it to open the camera, turn off screen or simply no action at all by selecting the options given.

Left capacitive long press - Shelf feature

Tip #5

This is one of the new feature found in the Oneplus 3 which comes with Android Marshmallow Oxygen OS upgrade - the 'Shelf' feature, which can be brought up by flicking your finger right across the home screen. This gives you fast access to your favourite contacts and apps, plus essential info and widgets.

Just long-press on one of the widgets and then drag it up or down the Shelf when it 'pops' free. You can turn weather support on or off by tapping the dots in the top left. And if you want to disable the Shelf, just long-press any free space on your desktops, tap 'customise' and then hit the Shelf toggle that pops up.

Swipe up Google Now, Swipe down for Notifications

Tip #6

That's one of the features, which is known to most of them and is used for the quick search. It's very useful if you want to use Oneplus 3 single-handedly.

Drag/toggle tiles to re-arrange the notification panel

Tip #7

Coming on to the notification bar, it's worth to note that in the Oneplus 3 you can drag the tiles to toggle the menu as per your convenience.

Night mode option

Tip #8

The night mode present in the ‘notification panel' turns the screen warm and makes it easier to read or browse the internet during night light.

Long press toggles

Tip #9

To go to the main settings of any desired toggles present in the notification panel, just long press and there you are at the relevant settings.

Display balance

Tip #10

Yes, you can also set the color balance, brightness, level, sleep activity and gestures related to the display of the Oneplus 3 in the display settings. Just tap settings and then display.

Double tap Power button to launch camera

Tip #11

In the display setting, there's also an option to ‘press power button twice for camera.' Enable that and you can launch the camera app just by pressing the power button twice.

Wave your hand to Ambient display

Tip #12

After enabling this setting, you can simply wake up your Oneplus 3 by waving upon your hand on the display and you can take a look at your lock screen notifications without even unlocking the phone.

Customize your Google search bar

Tip #13

Tap your right capacitive key, go to customize, swipe right on quick search and select the size of your search bar.

Icon pack

Tip #14

In the same customize option, swipe again and you'll get an icon pack. In the Oneplus 3, you'll be provided with only the default ones, but you can always download your desired ones from Google Play Store, which has tons' of options available.

After setting your Icon style, you can also adjust the size of your icon and another swipe takes you to setting the grid size for your app drawer.

Clear background processes

Tip #15

Scroll to the end, to the brush icon and it will help you clear all the background processes.

Left tap to App Management

Tip #16

The Settings left tap takes you directly to the app management.

Dark mode

Tip #17

The customization option under settings also offers one new feature in Oneplus 3 - the dark mode. Yeah, it's the feature of the AMOLED display which looks super cool and is also power efficient. The user will be also offered to change accent colors.

Customize LED notifications

Tip #18

The new Oneplus 3 users can even customize the LED notification colors and even the notifications can be controlled for each and every app individually.

Customizing Status bar

Tip #19

The status bar option lets you remove icons that you don't want to see on your status bar.

Alert Slider

Tip #20

The alert slider on the left lets you access only priority notifications or it can also quickly turn your phone on to silent mode.

Priority settings

Tip #21

This gives you a lot of options on your Oneplus 3 including Repeat callers, which means the phone will ring (if in silent mode) if the same person calls a second time within a 15 minute period.

Gesture options

Tip #22

If turned on you can do things like double tap to wake, draw a circle to activate camera, draw a V to toggle flashlight.

Battery percentage

Tip #23

This option is present in the battery setting of the Oneplus 3, tap the battery icon to the top right and you get to choose what you want, the battery circle, percentage, and even there's an option to hide it.

Battery optimization

Tip #24

You can also set up the balance of your phone's battery by selecting the battery mode in the same setting to efficiency, balanced, quick, performance and more.

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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