People Don’t Want to Buy the New Apple iPhones Anymore: Find Out Why

Find out the reason for drop in iPhone sales.

    Well, when an Apple iPhone is launched, there are iPhone fanatics standing in huge lines outside the door at the local Apple stores to make get their hands on one. Without a doubt, Apple product launches are a major affair. Moreover, speculations about the release dates begin in advance. Every Apple fan wants to get his/her hand on the latest device at the earliest.

    People Don’t Want to Buy the New Apple iPhones Anymore!

    While such is the scenario with Apple devices, apparently many fans seem to be disappointed with the latest Apple products, especially the iPhones. For example, the latest offering from Apple, the iPhone 7. Fans have argued that the smartphone is similar to the previous smartphone.

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    In addition, iPhone fans have been feverishly comparing the capabilities of the iPhone 7 to those of the iPhone 6s and as such, there are plenty of users who aren't considering to buy the iPhone 7.

    Even after iPhone 7 joining the iPhone SE, the iPhone 6s, and the iPhone 6 in Apple's iPhone lineup, there are some people who really don't consider buying the new iPhones anymore.

    Read on further to know some of the reasons why the most popular phone isn't attracting customers anymore. This includes some of Apple's current iPhone owners and longtime iOS users.

    Missing Features

    Apple fans seem to be disappointed as Apple has failed to introduce the features that they want. For example, there were various rumors that the iPhone could get features like wireless charging, a redesigned body, an invisible home button, and an OLED screen.

    Even though fans were not expecting all of those features to be included and all were not necessary upgrades, some of them like faster charging capabilities, a more powerful chip, etc. could have been added to the iPhone 7. According to fans, it would have been a much more compelling upgrade.

    On the other hand, while iPhone 7 has features worth getting excited over including water resistance and improved battery life, the final verdict is that this year's iPhone launch failed to bring many features that iPhone fans wanted. Nonetheless, some customers have decided to wait hoping that the features they want will be a part of the next year's iPhone model. 

    An Old iPhone is Good Enough

    Having seen the pattern, it is a fact that Apple introduces a new product each year. But after analyzing the customers, it looks like there are a growing number of iPhone users who do not prefer upgrading to new iPhones on an annual basis.

    It might be a different case for a tech enthusiast, but for the average user whose typical activities include scrolling through Facebook, sending photos on Snapchat, chatting on WhatsApp, etc. they may not need the brightest screen, the fastest processor, or the camera with the biggest pixels.

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    Users claim that they really don't need new iPhones each year, especially after considering the price of the new Apple iPhones. People are becoming aware of how expensive high-end devices like the iPhones really are.

    Thus, many are holding on to their old phones for longer considering their financial decision and particularly because they don't see a need to replace their phones as it is functioning properly.

    Waiting for a Better Phone

    Since Apple launches a new phone every year, consumers have developed a thought that there's never a good time to buy an iPhone. Customers think that there's always going to be a newer and better phone on its way.

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    While the iPhone 7 was recently released, rumors about the iPhone 7s or iPhone 8 have already started emerging. At such a juncture, iPhone users aren't opting to buy a new iPhone until a new model really draws their attention or fascinates them.

    And, it might be also that while some users may be holding out for specific features, others might be just waiting for a phone that feels exciting. In the case of iPhone 7, and the iPhone 6s before it, they were great phones, but they didn't entice customers. Basically, users are seeking something that's very different from what came earlier. They have been disappointed with recent generations of the iPhone.

    In the end, the excitement that was there for the annual iPhone launch has now become somewhat normal, and everybody seems to be disinterested about these smartphones. However, many people are still waiting for a future iPhone that would come with new features and something that's unique in the smartphone arena.

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