Do these to reduce mobile data consumption on your Android smartphone

Get reduced mobile data bills with these tips.

    Smartphone users, especially Android users will be concerned of two things - one is the battery drain and the other is the increase in data consumption. The amount of data you consume actually goes up as you keep browsing the internet or checking the social media updates.

    Do these to reduce mobile data consumption on your Android smartphone

    If you are worried about consuming a lot of data on your smartphone, you can be relieved as there are some possible ways to reduce the data consumption. The Android platform is packed with many tools that help you save data in simple ways. All you need to do is just play around with the settings menu of your smartphone to make sure the data consumption is reduced considerably.

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    Still not clear about what you need to do to reduce the data consumption on your Android smartphone? Well, scroll down to check a few techniques that you can implement to reduce the amount of data you actually consume.

    Make use of the offline functionality

    These days, many apps come with offline function. With the offline functionality, these apps can be used without any active internet connectivity. One such feature is music streaming. Instead of streaming live music or videos on-the-go, you can use the offline features of the music and video streaming services in order to save data.

    The other offline functionality that you can use is offline navigation. It has become pretty common for people to use offline navigation on Android. Google Maps has the option to save your maps stored on your device for 30 days. There are also other alternatives such as HERE from Nokia/Microsoft for offline navigation.

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    Restrict the data consumption

    You can restrict the data consumption by setting a data limit or limiting the data consumption of individual apps. From the settings menu on your phone, you can set an upper limit on the amount of data that you actually use. To do so, go to the Settings menu and tap on the Data usage sub-menu. Here, you can manage the data consumption by setting up a data limit beyond which mobile data will be capped or deactivated automatically.

    The other thing that you can do tio restrict data is to force the individual apps to save on the data consumption. From the app data usage sub-menu, you can get to know the list of individual apps that consume a lot of data. You can tap on these apps one by one and see the amount of data that the specific app has consumed in both foreground and background. This way, you can get to know the apps that use data in the background and limit the same. Keep in mind that restricting the app data usage might cause issues in the working of some apps such as Google apps.

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    You can also compress the data stream

    You can save the data volume while using Google's Chrome browser app. This is possible with the compression feature in the browser. The major useful Google Chrome features is its capability to download even compressed website data. From the settings of the browser, you can enable this feature.

    Similar to Google Chrome, you can use Opera Max to save data while browsing the internet. This app has a compression feature that will save the data with its own VPN service and compress the photos and videos on the apps as well as websites. However, this will result in a considerable loss in the quality.

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