9 Hidden and Unique Features of S Pen for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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The Galaxy Note 7 is now official and almost everyone is talking about the iris scanner, the waterproof build, narrow design and premium looks of the flagship.

9 Hidden and Unique Features of S Pen for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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The Note 7 brings all this at a premium price tag of $850 (approx. Rs 56,000). One of the highlights of the Galaxy Note 7 is its S Pen that features many enhancements and upgrades in its features as well as design.

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Check out some of the hidden S Pen features of the Galaxy Note 7 from here.

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The new S Pen has a finer tip for natural drawing

The tip on the new S Pen that comes along with the Galaxy Note 7 features a finer tip measuring just 0.7 mm that makes it a lot thinner than the one on the previous generation Note devices measuring 1.6 mm. With a thinner tip, the S Pen can render an effortless and natural drawing. Also, you can focus more the task that you are doing.

It can recognize 4,096 pressure points

The S Pen of the Galaxy Note 7 is designed to be precise and smooth. It writes pretty well that the detailed annotations, note-taking sessions and the most creative tasks become very easy. The pen makes both work and play more natural. The 4,096 pressure points add to the natural feel of the S Pen.

Write directly on the lock screen

There's no need to unlock your Note 7 to take a note. You can make use of the Screen-Off Memo functionality of the S Pen to take out the pen and start taking notes on the lock screen. You can pin the note on the display like a sticky note and the Always On display of the phablet will have it there for you.

Share GIFs with your S Pen

You can create your own GIF by selecting a part of a video and sharing the same directly on social media. If the selected area is a part of an image, web page or text, you can draw around the specific area and hit on the share button. You can begin the process by clicking on Smart Select from the Air Common menu.

It can Scroll Capture to save a long piece in a single file

Be it an extremely extensive article or a long image, the S Pen has a Scroll Capture feature that will let you save the entire piece as a single file and include annotations. This makes life easier as you will not miss anything that you want. All you need to do is take out the S Pen and choose Scroll Capture from the Air Command's Screen Write option.

It’s water resistant

You might be on an adventurous trip or at the beach relaxing your day. But, if you need to take a note of something or provide an important feedback, you can do with the S Pen and Galaxy Note 7. Well, both are water and dust resistant and it is possible to write on the Note 7's screen with the S Pen even underwater.

Zoom into anything without touching the screen

Usually, you would use the gesture to zoom in the content. Now, with the new S Pen, you can zoom in on anything that you want to magnify by easily.

It can translate any word

S Pen comes with the new Translate feature that lets you get translations by just hovering it over the words. And, you will be provided with instant translations.

Switch between apps with Glance feature

The new S Pen feature known as Glance makes it easy to switch between two apps. View two apps at the same time by just hovering the S Pen over each of the apps.

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