Do These 10 Things to Save Your Smartphone During Rainy Season

    You might love to get drenched in the rain during monsoons, but definitely not with your smartphone!

    Do These 10 Things to Save Your Smartphone During Rainy Season

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    During the rainy season, there are a lot of chances of causing damage to your phone, as water might seep into the device through the ports.

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    If you are not using a water resistant smartphone, it is very important to know how to protect your smartphone during the monsoon season. Take a look at the ten tips that we have compiled to help you save your smartphone from water damage.

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    Always use a waterproof case

    You should consider investing in a waterproof case to save your smartphone from getting drenched. The waterproof cases are designed specifically to prevent water from entering the phone through the ports.

    Even zip lock pouches are also hand

    If you haven't purchased a waterproof case for your smartphone, and you need to save your phone from the rain, you can use a ziplock pouch or bag. This is an ideal way to save your phone from getting damaged due to water, but ensure to lock the pouch carefully.

    A plastic bag is a life saver

    If you don't find a case or zip lock pouch, you can wrap your phone in a plastic bag that is lying around. It is better to keep a plastic bag handy in your bag all the time.

    You can make a balloon case too!

    You can buy a balloon from a nearby shop and use it a case to protect your phone from the rain water. Inflate the balloon and put your smartphone in it with the screen facing down and deflate it. That's it!

    Make use of your Bluetooth headset

    Touching your phone with wet hands is always an issue. You can use a Bluetooth headset to use your phone without touching it at all. You can put the phone in your bag and use a Bluetooth headset to attend calls.

    If you can afford, buy a waterproof phone

    If don't want to compromise on the usage of your phone, you can buy a waterproof smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that is yet to be made available in India. There are many such phones in the market for you to choose from.

    Always carry a hand towel with you

    If your smartphone gets wet accidentally, you can use the hand towel to wipe the water. Alternatively, you can also wrap the phone in the hand towel and put it in your bag to reduce the risk of water damage.

    It's better not to use your phone outdoors

    During the rainy season, it is better that you don't use your phone outdoors. If it is necessary, you can use the device with a pair of headphones.

    Don't charge your phone if it is wet

    If you are not sure about water damage to your phone, you must avoid charging it. Charging your wet phone could damage the device permanently.

    Carry a spare handset to avoid damage

    During the monsoon season, you can use an old phone or a basic handset to attend calls with the call forwarding option. This will keep your smartphone intact without any damage.


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