Worthy Smartphone Features That Might Go Mainstream in 2017

These features might become common.

    We've stepped into 2017 and the Consumer Electronics Show is all set to debut in a couple of days. There are hopes that 2017 will let the smartphone technology grow by leaps and bounds as the previous year saw a lot of improvements on the front.

    Worthy Smartphone Features That Might Go Mainstream in 2017

    Already, we at GizBot, have covered the smartphone trends that emerged in 2016 including dual camera setup at the back, bezel-less display design, modular design, etc. Now, as we are in 2017, we have compiled those trends that might we catch up this year in the smartphone arena.

    One thing is for sure. We can't say that these features will become mainstream in smartphones immediately or this year itself, but the trend will catch up soon and we can see smartphones with such features getting launched in the years to come.

    Let's guide you through five such smartphone features that might set the slab for competition higher. Some of these trends already exist and we can get to see them more frequently in many devices.

    4K displays might soon become common

    It is a common thing that smartphone manufacturers struggle to provide high-resolution to the users. As of now, the FHD 1080p displays are the ones that are common. Nevertheless, we have already seen 4K resolution in smartphones with the launch of Sony Xperia Z5, but the same is yet to become mainstream. We can expect the 4K displays to become a common trait in smartphones in the coming years with the flagship models such as Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge.

    While 4K displays might become a common smartphone feature in the coming years, we can get to watch high-quality videos and content in 4K resolution with such displays.

    Bezels on smartphones to become thinner

    The term bezel-less or edge-to-edge display is making rounds all over the smartphone industry since the past few years. And, back in 2016, we saw the concept phone Xiaomi Mi Mix featuring an almost bezel-less display. It won't be an exaggeration to say that the bezels on smartphones are growing thinner with every passing year. Likewise, 2017 is likely to be the year of bezel-less or edge-to-edge displays. Smartphones such as LG G6 are believed to sport the thinnest bezels ever seen on phones.

    Eventually, having a bezel-less smartphone is great as the smartphone will look more attractive with a wider and bigger display than it actually is.

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    Faster Bluetooth 5.0 standard to be seen

    In the last quarter of 2016, Bluetooth SIG debuted the Bluetooth 5.0 standard and we can expect to see this standard being implemented in smartphones that will be launched in the coming months or years. The Bluetooth 5.0 standard, being the recent one, has the potential to travel through walls and minimize breaks in the Bluetooth connectivity between devices. Moreover, this standard is much better than the previous one.

    With increased speed, four time higher range, and other major benefits, the Bluetooth 5.0 standard is surely the next big thing that we expect to see in smartphones.

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    Processors to render better performance and battery management

    As the smartphones evolve, they demand more power and consume a lot of battery power to handle all the tasks that they are assigned. For this purpose, the smartphones must employ efficient processors under their hood. The recent processor technology is the 10nm process, which is expected to become the global flagship standard as it offers better performance and improved battery efficiency in comparison to the 14nm technology that is seen widely.

    The 10nm processor technology will definitely be a boon for the smartphone users as it gives them more benefits. So, there's no doubt that people are waiting to use such phones.

    Dual camera is believed to be widely used

    A handful of high-end flagship phones from some manufacturers feature the dual camera setup at their back. While this trend was introduced in the last year, we can get to see more flagships boasting such a camera setup this year. Also, besides being restricted only to high-end and premium phones, we can expect the dual camera setup to make its way even to the mid-range devices in 2017.

    The dual camera lens arrangement will bring about different benefits such as increased zoom, ability to render artistic effects, depth of field adjustments, etc. It is definitely a great smartphone feature that users might wait to experience with a choice of hardware.


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