MYTHS EXPOSED: 7 Smartphone Beliefs That Aren't True Anymore

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There is no denying that we all have smartphones. Well, the smartphones have definitely made our lives convenient with their functionality and features. But, there are many myths associated with the usage of the same.

MYTHS EXPOSED: 7 Smartphone Beliefs That Aren't True Anymore

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You might have seen fellow smartphone users believing in many things that you actually don't or you yourself might have a belief in some of the myths that exist. You might be confused to know how exactly you should use your smartphone.

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Swirl through the slider below to know the smartphone myths and make better use of your smartphone without compromising on the experience you get.

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Use only the charger that came along with your phone

Sometimes, you might damage or lose the charger that came along with your smartphone. In that case, you have to purchase a new charger for the handset. The only thing you need to make sure is to confirm if the charger that you are planning to purchase is made by a reputed company and not a fake one. Remember that a more powerful charger can charge your smartphone faster.

You shouldn't charge your phone overnight

There's a lot of debate happening on the overnight charging topic. Many believe that charging the smartphone overnight will kill its battery. These days, there are lithium batteries in smartphones that are improved to handle overnight charging. Once the battery is charged fully, it will stop charging even if the charger is plugged in. But, having a battery level of 40 to 80 percent is good rather than charging it to 100 percent.

Close apps to stretch the battery life

If you have an app open on your phone, but you are not using it at the moment, it is just there and it will not drain your battery. In fact, closing it probably does more harm than good as when you open it again the phone has to load the app again that is more work for your phone.

Don't use your phone while it is put for charge

Some people won't use their phone when it is connected to the charger as it gets hot, but some fear that there will be higher amounts of radiation and that the battery will not charge properly. This may be true if you are using a poorly powered charger, but you should still feel free to use the phone whether it is put to charge or not.

Disable to Wi-Fi and GPS to save battery life

There's no need to turn off GPS, Wi-Fi or other features when these are not use in in fear of battery drain. Even if you are not using GPS at the moment, it can be turned on without any concern on the battery life as long as you have enabled the option to use the service only when the app is open.

A screen protector is mandatory

It is common to see smartphone users buying a sheet of plastic called screen protector on their phones. Well, the experts state that the superior glass quality with scratch resistant nature rules out the necessity to use a screen protector.

More Megapixels render better camera performance

If you are planning to upgrade to a new smartphone and you are lured by the megapixel count, you need to know that more megapixels will not translate to better camera performance. It is just a trick that the manufacturers use to sell their devices.

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