Are you overspending while buying Smartphone

Must knows to save money.

    Any rational consumer will not want to overpay for any product that they buy. Despite this thought, it is common that many people spend a lot unnecessarily without even realizing the same.

    Are you overspending while buying Smartphone

    Especially, when it comes to smartphones, people give a lot of preference to certain features that they hardly use in their everyday life. To be precise, many smartphone users would admit to the fact that they have spent quite a fortune on their smartphones.

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    Unfortunately, most smartphone buyers spend a lot on the smartphone purchases without considering if the device and the features that it comes with will be useful or not, but skimp on the necessary things such as protection plans. If you are wondering how you can save money on your next smartphone purchase, we tell you some ways that you are wasting money that will help you curb the expenses.

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    Subscribing to the wrong plan

    The telecom industry is facing a lot of changes lately. Most plans come packed with free (cheap) minutes and you land up paying for the data charges mostly. If you subscribe to a data plan of the wrong size, then you will definitely land up wasting a lot of money on it. Oh yes! We say wrong size as you will be spending more than the amount of data you actually use on choosing a big data plan or end up spending more on additional data that you use beyond the limit allotted to you on choosing a small data pack. So the right data plan is very important.

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    Upgrading smartphones frequently

    If you upgrade to a new smartphone every year, then you are surely spending money unnecessarily. It is better to upgrade your phone when it has become too slow or a function stops working. The launch of a new phone with high-end features or an attractive offer doesn't mean that you need to buy it.

    Failing to use a case

    If you don't know, the best phones that are available in the market are sleek and stunning to look at. Such phones may not look good when you cover them up using a case. If you fail to use a case for this reason, you might repent your decision it later. Smartphones can easily slip off resulting in a great damage to the device. Using a case will always keep you away from the unnecessary repair costs.

    Curb your online shopping habit

    With a smartphone, you can access the online shopping sites in just a tap. Impulse purchases is the term that we would like to use here as it is a big problem for the smartphone users. You can buy anything that you want in a few taps as it is easy to access the product and pay for the same with your smartphone. Make sure you delete all the shopping apps to make it less convenient and simple to spend money.

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    Deciding on insurance

    These days, it is common to see people spending on mobile insurance. Before purchasing insurance, you need to think if you really need insurance for your mobile. If you are a person who drops the mobile pretty often, you should purchase an insurance plan to forget about the repair costs in case of damage. On the other hand, if you keep your phone pretty careful, there's no need to waste your money on the unwanted insurance plans.

    Storage options

    It has become a trend for smartphone makers to launch devices with different storage options. With the increase in the internal storage capacity, the cost of the phone will also increase. Before opting for a handset with more storage, make sure if you really need such massive storage space. If there is support to expand the storage using a micro SD card, then you can skip spending a lot of money on the higher storage variant.

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    Buy only reliable cables

    If you are in need of a cable for your smartphone, make sure you get it from the certified stores as most cables you find elsewhere aren't reliable. Also, if you don't use certified cables, the same could cause some problem at a later time.


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