Transparent Phone: Is It The Next Big Revolution In Smartphone Technology?


Smartphone technology has come a long way now, producing some of the sleekest, slimmest designs. The latest design evolution is the foldable smartphone, under-display cameras, and more. At the same time, OEMs like Samsung and Vivo have patented unique designs, which are transparent phones. This brings us to the question - is the transparent phone the next big thing in the industry? Let's find out.


Transparent Phones: Is It New?

Transparent Phones: Is It New?

Transparent phones aren't something very new. It goes back to more than a decade from popular brands like Sony, LG, Docomo, and others were working on transparent feature phones. LG even had a transparent phone, the GD900, designed with a number-pad slider being completely transparent. It surely made sweeping headlines back then.

Other Japanese brands like Sony, Fujitsu, Docomo, and others also produced transparent phones. These packed some of the most unique phone designs and were even critically acclaimed. However, they didn't fare well in the market, and soon OEMs dropped the idea of transparent phones. Until recently.


Samsung Patents Transparent Phone

This brings us to early 2019. A report from Let's Go Digital provided details of what could be Samsung's transparent or see-through smartphone. The design of this device was even published at WIPO or the World Intellectual Property Organization, giving Samsung the patent for the transparent design.

The patent doesn't reveal much about the new transparent phone from the South Korean brand. But it gives us an idea of what the future could be. For one, Samsung aims to produce smartphones and other gadgets under its Galaxy series with a transparent luminous display.

Transparent Phones List In India

One of the concept designs of the Samsung transparent phone is a stunner. One can see the icons of the apps on the display, and at the same time, see through the wall/décor behind. Moreover, the Samsung brand is evident on the tiny chin below, which makes it the only indication that this is indeed a smartphone.

Transparent Phones List In India

Despite the multiple patents lined up, we still don't have a full-fledged transparent phone in the Indian market. We heard the news of a new Samsung transparent phone. There were also reports of a new Vivo transparent phone. But somehow, they haven't popped up in the Indian market yet. There were a couple of transparent feature phones, but they are obsolete now.

Transparent Phones: Why Don’t We Have Them Yet?

Transparent Phones: Why Don’t We Have Them Yet?

Technological evolution is super-fast paced, happening at every instance. Simply put, the smartphone you bought today is already outdated and replaced with the latest model that's ready for release! In this scenario, why aren't we reaching the next milestone in smartphone design - transparent displays.

transparent phones

However, as unique as transparent phones are, there are plenty of roadblocks ahead. For one, it involves a design overhaul of not just one part of the phone but a complete makeover. It includes the cameras, sensors, circuits, processor, battery, and all other components.

Smartphone manufacturers might even have to design every component again or invent a new way of assembling them so they don't overlap. The numerous challenges have set a roadblock to transparent phones. But once the technology evolves, we could be seeing a plethora of new devices like transparent watches, transparent TVs, and much more.

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