After Xiaomi's Bendable Phone, WhammyPhone Hits the Web [IN PICTURES]

WhammyPhone is a bendable smartphone that lets you play music with virtual instruments.

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Ever since the evolution of smartphones, we have been seeing a lot of improvements in these devices. Likewise, the concept of bendable as well as flexible smartphone displays is not new as we have been hearing and seeing the same since the past few years with the launch of the LG G Flex.

After Xiaomi's Bendable Phone, WhammyPhone Hits the Web [IN PICTURES]

Since 2013, the South Korean manufacturers LG and Samsung have been investing a lot in this segment. Now, many other companies have also started making or at least attempted to make such bendable display phones.

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But, those bendable phones that the smartphone makers have announced or working on are not too different expect for their displays. They are more durable as the device can flex and bend. The lack of innovation in this segment has prompt Queen's University Human Media Lab to come up with a very creative bendable smartphone called WhammyPhone.

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What's unique about WhammyPhone?

WhammyPhone is a bendable smartphone that adds a new level of functinality to smartphones. The device can be used to play virtual instruments. In fact, WhammyPhone is the world's first musical instrument in the form of a flexible smartphone.

Users can create different sound effects

With the WhammyPhone, users can bend the display to create different sound effects. As the phone is bent, it can be used as a virtual instrument such as a guitar or a violin. This phone allows users to key in inputs that are usually seen only in musical instruments.

WhammyPhone has a FHD display

The WhammyPhone is fitted with a FHD 1920 x 1080 pixel Flexible Organic LED (FOLED) display that shows keys that the users must use to play sounds with the help of a sound synthesizer software running on a computer.

The role of the bend sensor

There is a bend sensor in the device that lets the users bend the phone that is a actually a way to manipulate the sound. It is claimed to provide an all new level of utility for the bend input in the smartphones.

Will it be released?

There is no word on the availability of the WhammyPhone. In fact, we don't even know if this product will actually make its way into the market. It is good to see an interesting device such as the WhammyPhone, but it remains unclear if this bendable smartphone is meant to be released in the niche market.

Xiaomi too made a bendable phone

Lately, Xiaomi too made a bendable phone. A recent video revealed the bendable phone prototype that Xiaomi has made. However, the video doesn't show the user bending the phone in different directions as in the case of WhammyPhone though it seems bendable.


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