Google Cleared Nexus 4 Stock To Make Way For Nexus 5 Launch?

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First, Google gave the Nexus 4 handset a price cut last week on the US Google Play Store, allowing the device to retail for $199 (Rs. 12627.55) and $249 (Rs.15800.30). Now the Internet giant has listed the Nexus 4 8GB as "sold out" on the play store, thereby indicating that the price reduction was an attempt at clearing out the entire inventory of Nexus 4 phones. And as of yesterday, the Nexus 4's 16GB variant has joined its 8GB counterpart in "out of inventory" section. This is a strong indication that Google is making way for the roll out of its rumored Nexus 5 phones in November.

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Google Cleared Nexus 4 Stock To Make Way For Nexus 5 Launch?

The Verge checked with Google and the Internet giant informed them that it will not be restocking the Nexus 4 phones on the US Google Play Store. We expect similar things to happen to Nexus 4 inventories around the world shortly. Further more, The Verge has also confirmed with "a trusted source with knowledge of the company's plans" to confirm that the Internet giant has no plans to restock the 16GB Nexus 4.

There have been several leaks about the Nexus 5 phone over the last few weeks and Google has been doing everything it can to keep its secrets safe until the day of announcement. Leaks from the FCC site, a flash of the phone at the KitKat statue event and a host of images leaks on the Internet.

Given that Google's last two Nexus phone launch events took place during October in 2011 (Samsung Galaxy nexus) and 2012 (Nexus 4), We expect Google to announce the Nexus 5 on October 14tth and put it up for sale in November right ahead of the holiday season. For instant updates on the Nexus 5 story, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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