LG D820 Is Just a CDMA Variant Of G2 Not Nexus 5

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IFA 2013 saw the announcement of a major devices from Samsung, Sony, Alcatel and many more but on the other hand rumors of Nexus 5 at the same time ran all across the web. However, the existence of the new Nexus device is not confirmed as of now but according to the rumors and tips from @evleaks, it is surely going to come from LG, who built Nexus 4.

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LG D820 Is Just a CDMA Variant Of G2 Not Nexus 5

Just a week ago, informations possibly pertaining to the next Nexus smartphone appeared online. The hints, then, came from a FCC certification paperwork that pointed at the LG-made Nexus 5. However, Nexus name didn't come attached with the leak and the mystery LG device was labeled as model D820 which was interpreted to be the upcoming Nexus 5.

But new theory has arrived claiming that the LG D820 is actually not the Nexus 5, but is actually just another LG G2 variant. According to the trusted tipster @evleaks, this model (LG D820) which was seen at the FCC, should instead be a CDMA version of the G2. Moreover, the same tipster, also posted a screenshot of the information showing LG 821 identified as a CDMA G2 instead of GSM version LG D802 and there is still no mention of the Nexus in the database. Thus, most suggest that it is not the Nexus but just another variant of LG G2 handset. @evleaks also wrote, "Sorry Nexus fans: LG D820 is just a CDMA G2 variant."

One could have believed the theory but again one thing doesn't allow most to believe in it. Moreover, it arises doubt. The backplate design doesn't show the camera and rear control buttons in the center, which is a unique feature of G2, but rather shows the camera off to the corner. One can also see that there is no controls like volume rocker placed adjacent to the camera. This again inclines us to believe that it's the new Nexus. Thus all the runors and leaks should therefore be taken with a grain of salt as of now.

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