LG Flaunts Its Upcoming Device With Super Thin 1mm Bezel

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The bigger display and the thinnest of the bezel is all that LG is working hard on these days. There are always some amount of gap between the edge and the screen of the phone. There is hardly any phone without this gap. There are some phones which have close to "no gap" at the sides but again for some reason the bezel becomes fatter at the top and bottom of the display.

But worry not, LG, has recognized the beauty of the display without the bezel and is reportedly working to bring a phone with almost "bezel less" face. It was reported that the the tech giant had promised to enhance the brightness levels on its new screen that would come with a thinnest of the bezel measuring 1mm.

LG Flaunts Its Upcoming Device With Super Thin 1mm Bezel

The minimization of the bezel may now bring about a new concept to the mobile world. This may possibly be another competing reason between phone manufacturers. Therefore the age of slim and sophisticated smartphones has been added with yet another concept of bezel-less display.

The device with 5 inch display with stunningly thin bezels, just one millimeter wide, was exhibited at the Society for Information Display convention and was said that it is fabricated by using TFT Oxide technology to ensure its lower power consumption and its super-sleek profile as well. It was reported that the screen of the shortly upcoming LG device dominated the face of that demo unit. As of now, the device has a low brightness level of 250 nits which is not the best for outdoor use, specially on sunny days. The device had an HD display with a resolution of just 720 pixels instead of the highly popular Full HD one. But it was also reported that this device was not the actual smartphone model in line for production which means that there will be some more adjustments made to it. This new display also offers wide viewing angles by using IPS technology.

The ever growing battle between LG and Samsung may have another twist with the advent of this thin bezel concept from LG.
The question is, with the bezel as thin as 1mm small where does it accommodate the earpiece, the proximity sensor and the front-facing camera?

The answers are awaited with more than a sheer curiosity.

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