Microsoft Surface WP8 Smartphone to Release in Q1 of 2013

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Microsoft Surface WP8 Smartphone to Release in Q1 of 2013

Previously there were reports suggesting that Microsoft might be in the process of developing their own handset which would run on the upcoming Window Phone 8 platform. A spokesperson from Microsoft had also stated that Microsoft has been working with hardware partners in order to launch a Windows Phone 8 to the market in 2012. Adding a spark to these rumors is a latest report which suggests that Microsoft will be launching its own Windows Phone 8 handset during the first quarter of 2013. 

The sources indicate that Microsoft’s very own smartphone will be a high end product which will compete with the likes of iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Currently Microsoft has secured popular hardware manufacturers like Nokia and Samsung for the launch of Windows Phone 8. 

The new handset from Microsoft is rumored to be in the final stages of development. So consumers can surely expect this product in 2013.Sources confirm that much like the tablets from Microsoft, the new smartphone will also be launched under the brand name of ‘Surface’. An important thing for Microsoft to ponder about is that how it will deliver a high end product in a competitive price tag. Microsoft will also have to be cautious while launching their product into a market flooded by iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. 

Fans across the world are keenly awaiting responses from Microsoft regarding the pricing and availability of its Surface smartphone. Hopefully in 2013, global market will be able to see a breakthrough product from Microsoft.

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