5 Reasons Not To Give A Smartphone To Your Kid

    Kids are increasingly becoming tech-savvy these days, and manage to use your Android smartphone in better ways than you. Apart from playing game on your smartphone, toddler can access your personal file and other stuffs.

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    Thankfully, Google has added more parental control for its popular mobile operating system, Android, over the years. But, there are event some worst effects that impacts that your kids could face. Here we have listed some serious impact that your kid can face for using smartphone for much longer time. Take a look at the slider below to know more....


    Smartphone alter the bonding that is supposed to be exit between a parent and child. However, the connectivity attached with smartphone are not to be the same as the genuine connection which the parent and child are meant to have.

    Limits Creativity

    With all easy access through a smartphone, make kids limit their creativity.

    Less Sleep

    There are many studies that reveals that excess use of smartphone can bring significantly less sleep.

    Learning Ability

    Researchers suggests that smartphone is harmful for child's social-economic development and also diverts child's attention. Use of smartphone could also impair their development of learning skills.

    Behavioral Problems

    Spending at least two hours a day on a smartphone is enough to cause emotional and social problems to a child and increase the risk of attention problems.


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