A Flight Allegedly Delayed On Spotting a Wi-Fi Hotspot Named ‘Galaxy Note 7’

A passenger renamed his smartphone’s Wi-Fi hotspot name as ‘Galaxy Note 7’.

It looks like Airlines are not letting off to carry the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone into the planes that easily. A recently concluded incident is a further proof of this saga.

A Flight Allegedly Delayed On Spotting ‘Galaxy Note 7’ Wi-Fi Hotspot

A passenger traveling in the Virginia America flight from San Francisco to Boston renamed his smartphone's Wi-Fi hotspot to 'Galaxy Note 7'. Another passenger on the same flight spotted the hotspot network from his laptop and informed the flight crew.

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The flight crew department warned the owner of the smartphone saying that he should come out immediately and should hand over the handset to them. But, he never came out. However, after several warnings and threatening of immediate landing, the owner came out and said that there's no Galaxy Note 7 in the plane, but his Wi-Fi hotspot was named 'Galaxy Note 7'.

As we all aware of the fact that all the airlines in the ever country have prohibited the carrying of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone into the flights. The decision was immediately made after several Galaxy Note 7 units started catching fire due to some design issue in the smartphone that resulted in the phone's battery explosion.


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