Android O might be named Orangina

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Google recently rolled out the fourth and final Android O Developer Preview. This is the final preview to be announced before the roll out of the official Android O update to the consumers later this year.

Android O might be named Orangina

However, the actual name of Android O is still not revealed. A few days ago Google employees in a Reddit AMA session said that they are yet to decide on the name. While the popular choices are Oreo and Oatmeal cookie, Google's VP has hinted at a different possibility. Going by his post on Twitter, the upcoming Android version will have an entirely different name.

It might be called Orangina. Yes, you read it right. As you can see from the picture, it contains a number of names like Onion and Olive, but Orangina is in eye-catchy color and written in a bigger font. For those who are not aware, Orangina is sweet carbonated orange drink mainly found and consumed in France. The Google VP, who oversees Platforms and Ecosystem, however, has not explained the meaning of this picture. The post is captioned as #nocomment.

So this is just our assumption. Having said that, if it turns out to be legit, Google will be breaking its tradition of naming its Android versions after desserts and candies.

Talking about the features of Android O, it will offer notification channels, shortcut pinning, auto-fill, picture-in-picture mode to name a few. These features are expected to help increase the user engagement with the apps so that more users will upgrade to the upcoming Android O platform with time.

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