Another Samsung Phone Reportedly Explodes, It's Not Galaxy Note 7 This Time

Another Samsung phone exploded.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco has been 2016's biggest tech flop. Even before the news about the explosion incidents and damages caused could dwindle, there comes another Samsung phone explosion news, but this time it's not the Galaxy Note 7. Reports state that a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge exploded overnight and caught massive fire.

    Another Samsung Phone Reportedly Explodes, It's Not Galaxy Note 7

    A Reddit user lately published a series of pictures of the damaged Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge placed on a night stand. Quite similar to the earlier Note 7 explode incidents, the Reddit user under the name of ReturnThroughAether reported that the smartphone was kept on the night stand and exploded overnight, which the person noticed only in the morning.

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    The explosion damaged the phone and the night stand and luckily didn't injure the person. Media reports claim that the phone didn't have any overheating problems like the victims of Note 7 experienced and the S6 Edge owner has already exchanged words with Samsung and AT&T, in light of the situation. In response to the sudden explosion of the phone, Samsung assured to replace the damaged smartphone as soon as possible.

    Another Samsung Phone Reportedly Explodes, It's Not Galaxy Note 7

    The South Korean tech giant has already reached to the Galaxy S6 Edge owner and promises to ship a replacement device after receiving the damaged unit. The company also assures that they will reimburse for the damaged scorched nightstand. However, what caused the phone to explode remains a mystery.

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