Apple iPhone Survives 18 Months at the Bottom of an Icy Lake

He must surely be the luckiest man after being reunited with his lost iPhone that survived more than 18 months at the bottom of an icy lake.


"Lost my phone today," he wrote in a Facebook post on March 2015. "Long story short. Ice fishing,+ hole in ice = iPhone at bottom of lake."

That was the status of Michael Guntrum over a year ago after losing his Apple iPhone 4 while ice fishing with his buddies. The phone had accidentally slipped from his lap and had rolled into the hole finally sinking to the bottom of the lake.

Apple iPhone Survives 18 Months at the Bottom of an Icy Lake

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However, it seemed that it was the end of the story for the phone. Michael had already given up and perhaps he might not have even imagined in his wildest dreams that he would one day be reunited with his phone.

Normally, would you ever expect to get your phone back in such a circumstance? No, we would not.

Surprisingly, the phone was found and has survived over a year at the bottom of a lake.

Apple iPhone Survives 18 Months at the Bottom of an Icy Lake

It all happened as the lake where Guntrum had lost his phone was drained due to certain circumstances.

Now, seeing a dry lake inspired mechanical engineer Daniel Kalgram to go on a treasure hunting spree on the empty lake bottom. As such, while conducting his search, his metal detector buzzed pointing out something hidden under six inches of mud, which turned out to be a lost phone.

Kalgram then put the phone in rice for drying and charged it for two days. Miraculously, the phone turned on.

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Apple iPhone Survives 18 Months at the Bottom of an Icy Lake

After that, it didn't take long for Kalgram to find the owner's contact information on the device.

He contacted Guntram, who was shocked at the news that his phone was found, and arranged for sending the phone over to him.

However, with the interesting find, we cannot conclude that iPhone 4 is water resistant but an extra case covering the iPhone might have helped in keeping the water out of the phone's housing.

Guntram had told BuzzFeed that it was an Otterbox, a brand that has been well known for producing tough cases. This specific discontinued model, however, doesn't seem to be water resistant.

Nonetheless, it might be a bit more mysterious on how the device survived, but it is always great to your lost phone returned back.

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