Apple to use USB type C instead of lightning port in the future iPhones

Apple iPhones in 2019 will have a USB type C port


One thing that the MacBooks and flagship Android smartphones have in common is the USB type C port, which enables fast charging, fast data transfer and also offers reversibility, where a user can insert it without looking at the actual port. According to a report, Apple is expected to replace the lightning port on iPhones with a USB type C port to offer a uniform selection of ports on its entire portfolio.

Apple to use USB type C instead of lightning port in the future iPhone

The 2018 series of iPhones will have a lightning port, whereas the iPhones which will launch in 2019 are expected to have a USB type C port. This prediction is made by Analogue IC vendors, which is a known supplier of different IC parts for electronics.

The lightning port that is used on the iPhones and iPads is a 16 pin connector, whereas the USB type C port is a 24 pin connector, offering faster data and power transfer between the devices.

As of now, most of the Android smartphone makers are making a switch from the old school micro USB port to USB type C port for several different reasons. To begin with, the versatility, having a USB type C jack can work as a charging port as well as an audio output port. As a result, most of the Android flagship smartphones are removing the 3.5 mm headphone jack in favor of 3.5 mm headphone jack. Having a USB type C port is also good for fast charging.

Expected features

The 2018 series of iPhones are expected to look similar to the iPhone X with a notched display on the top of the smartphone for Face ID. However, in 2019 Apple might eliminate the notch along with a lightning to introduce a complete bezel-less iPhone with a USB type C port on the bottom of the smartphone for charging as well as data syncing.

So if you are an iPhone enthusiast, then you have to wait till 2019 to get an iPhone with a USB type C port. This also enables a number of third-party accessories makers to make more add-ons as USB type C is called as an open source connector.



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