Don't Believe in These 5 Dual SIM Smartphone Myths

    Dual-SIM smartphones have seen a rampage growth in recent times, especially in India. Many people over the country choose dual SIM smartphones as they use one SIM card for calling and the other one for the internet.

    Don't Believe in These 5 Dual SIM Smartphone Myths

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    It is to be believed that dual-SIM smartphones doesn't have any advantages over the normal single SIM smartphones, however, has some disadvantages. A blind fact is that Indian smartphone market is now ruling by several Chinese vendors and they love to manufacture dual-SIM smartphones.

    While, we are not against the dual-SIM smartphones, but they have some disadvantages and most of the people purchase them for only a single reason.

    Clumsy User Interface

    It is worth noticing that Android is a user-friendly operating system. Manufacturers need to additionally add a dual-SIM interface on to the Settings app, which makes the application look weird and most of the people don't even understand those settings.

    Effects Battery Life

    Although some people believes it as a myth, however, it is not a myth. Dual-SIM smartphones consume more juice than the single-SIM smartphones. Believe me, that's true.

    Not Reliable

    As said earlier, manufacturers need to create a separate interface for the dual-SIM settings. And, the settings won't be as reliable as they look like. Some Samsung smartphones arrive with a feature called 'Smart Dual-SIM' with which you can receive incoming call notification during calls on another SIM card. But, that just don't work all the time.

    Confusion Between 4G SIM Support

    Not all the dual-SIM smartphones don't have support for 4G LTE on both SIM slots. Some of the recent mobiles have support for that, but most of them don't. Do make a note that almost all dual-SIM smartphones will feature 4G LTE support on the first SIM itself.

    Limited Devices

    Nowadays, almost all the smartphones feature dual-SIM support. To recall, there aren't many smartphones which have support for dual-SIM.


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