Fooling the Apple iPhone X's Face ID is a child's play, literally

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The Face ID is one of the most talked about features of the iPhone X. Instead of Touch ID, Apple added a new 3D facial recognition technology to the 10th anniversary model of iPhones.

Fooling the Apple iPhone X's Face ID is a child's play, literally

At the time of the unveiling, Apple showed off the Face ID feature on iPhone X. According to the company, the chances of fooling the Face ID is one in a million. Thanks to the advanced technology, it cannot be spoofed by photos further claims the company. However, much to Apple's dismay, the recent development of events are suggesting otherwise. Apple's much talked about Face ID feature may not be secure at all.

Yesterday, we reported about how a security firm called Bkav had bypassed the Face ID with the help of a mask. Yet again, a video has come up on YouTube that will make you question the accuracy of the Face ID. The video shows how a 10-year-old kid unlocks his mom's iPhone X with ease. So basically, the Face ID couldn't distinguish between the facial features of him and her mom.

While the kid and his mom do look quite alike but is it a good enough excuse for a $1000 phone? If we go by the numbers provided by Apple, this kid can be considered as one in a million.

On Apple's defense, the company has said that kids under 13 have a better chance of fooling Face ID "because their distinct facial features may not have fully developed." Well, whatever excuses Apple have to say, we are not really convinced with the Face ID feature of iPhone X.

If you recall, we came across a Bloomberg report claiming Apple has relaxed some of the technical specifications for the sensors in the Face ID system to make the iPhone X available on time. At that time, Apple had dismissed the claims made by the publication. Unfortunately, we are not too sure now.

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