Watch Apple iPhone X Face ID bypassed with a mask

This video shows that Face ID on iPhone X can be bypassed.

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Apple iPhone X comes with many highlighted features such as the OLED display, TrueDepth camera and more. The iPhone X comes with a new facial recognition technology called Face ID instead of Touch ID.

Soon after the launch of the iPhone X with Face ID, there were many speculations suggesting that Apple will implement the same technology in the upcoming iPhones slated to be launched next year. However, a security firm called Bkav has proved that the Face ID technology can be defeated and that it is not the most secure method to protect your device.

Bkav has defeated the Face ID with the help of a mask, claims a PhoneArena report. Apple claims that the Face ID is the pretty secure and hardly one in a million can gain access to your phone by bypassing the same. Contradictory to this, the security firm claims that it was able to bypass the Apple's AI and Face ID security as it understands how the AI functionality works.

Bkav says that it had created a fake mask that is made up of different materials meant for the different parts of the face. The mark is crafted by merging 3D printing with makeup and 2D images. Apart from these, some special processing was done on the cheeks and 3D face where there are large skin areas that can fool the AI of the Face ID technology. The areas with special materials include the nose made of silicone and frame that is 3D printed.

The actual cost of making the mask to fool the AI of Face ID is $150. It is said that they were able to gain access to the phones with high profile targets including political and business leaders. The security firm has not stopped with just defeating the facial recognition system of the iPhone X that is claimed to be a secure one. They have also released a video showing how the mask that they have created manages to defeat the Face ID technology. The firm's their experiment is an evidence that the new Apple technology can be bypassed.

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