Google Pixel Smartphones: 5 Common Problems and Fixes

Soon after the smartphone have been made available in the market, Google Pixel users have been suffering from quite a number of problems. Here are simple tips to follow to solve these issues.

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Google Pixel smartphones are claimed to be one of the best choices to opt for when display, operation, and top-end hardware are concerned. However, there are some things that are not quite good about the phone.

Google Pixel Smartphones: 5 Common Problems and Fixes

Although a good purchase at an extremely high budget, users have been facing quite a long list of problems with their Google Pixel phones, which doesn't seem to be happy news for Google.

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Along with its super classy look and features, Google pixel has its own cons. Here are the problems and solutions to them for users facing trouble with their Google Pixel phones.

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Overheating Issues

There have been several Google Pixel users who have complained about the overheating issue of the phone. Suffering a similar issue? Here's what you can do to cool down the phone.

#1 Uninstall any app that is draining the phone's battery

#2 Check whether a third-party app is overheating the phone. You can control it just by tapping and holding the 'Power button OFF' until the 'Reboot to Safe Mode' dialogue box appears. Tap on OK.

Microphone Not Working

Several Google Pixel phone users have complained that the microphone stops working abruptly. This means that users may often be interrupted while making calls.

#1 Delete an app that uses the microphone

#2 Try switching the speaker OFF and ON again
Google is providing some users with the replacement of their Pixel phones.

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Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue

There have been complaints by many users about the Wi-Fi connectivity issues in the Google Pixel smartphones. Here's how to fix the issue.

#1 Turn OFF WiFi and turn it ON again.

#2 Upgrade your device to Android 7.0 Nougat

#3 Power OFF the phone. Hold the power, volume, and home buttons together at the same time. This will launch the recovery mode, and now you can simply reboot your phone.


Battery Draining Out Faster

Pixel phone's battery doesn't last too long as promised by Google. Here's how you can retain and improve your phone's battery life.

#1 Check for the apps draining the battery and uninstall them. Just go to Settings>Battery and check on which app is consuming the most battery of your phone

#2 Force Stop the app that was consuming most of your phone's battery


Pixel is Capturing Blurry Photos

Google has earlier claimed the Pixel series phones to have the best camera. However, there seems to be a big problem with the camera set up on the phone. Here's how you can fix the camera and avoid capturing blurry pictures.

#1 Try restarting your phone

#2 Update the Camera app of the phone

#3 Try re-opening the Google Camera app

#4 Try the Factory reset option. Ensure to back up your documents

#5 Restart the device and exit the Safe Mode, the user then is required to uninstall the last app that was downloaded and repeat the process until the camera works properly again

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