REVEALED: Why Did Huawei Sue Samsung?

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Huawei seems to stand out from the other Chinese smartphone makers that are known to copy ideas as well as designs from the western rivals instead of coming up with their own thoughts. Well, the vendor has made it evident that the fight between the top makers is not over.

REVEALED: Why Did Huawei Sue Samsung?

Huawei has filed lawsuits against Samsung in both China and the United States alleging violations of patents on software and cellular technology. Unlike the other infringement lawsuits that claim for a straight financial penalty, Huawei wants a cross-licensing deal.

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By saying cross-licensing, Huawei wants both sides to share patents as it does with several other partners. Ding Jianxing, the President of Intellectual Property Rights Department at Huawei, stated that the company believes that industry players must collaborate to push the industry forward with the help of joint innovation.

REVEALED: Why Did Huawei Sue Samsung?

He added that they respect the patents of others and they also protect their own patents. It was stated Huawei has seen many patent cross-licensing agreements signed that are signed to make sure lawful use of technology as it is the foundation of a healthy growth in the smartphone arena.

Huawei has signed cross-licensing deals with many of its competitors with the same belief over the years. Ding stated that Samsung will respect the R&D investment and patents made by Huawei by putting a stop to infringing their patents and getting the required license from them.

REVEALED: Why Did Huawei Sue Samsung?

Huawei is constantly investing on its R&D heavily. In last year, it invested $9.2 billion that is 15 percent of the annual revenue it gained in the new technologies and products, and necessary wireless communication standards. Having invested substantially over the years in R&D, Huawei managed to brag many high-value patents.

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Going by the statistics by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), last year Huawei topped the list of international patent filers with 3,898 published PCT applications. This is the second consecutive year that Huawei has topped the list. The patents relate to LTE, OS, and user interface that are crucial for the growth of the smartphone industry.

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