Latest Google Pixel 2 commercial will convince you to buy one

This brief but excellently shot video was uploaded on YouTube the day before yesterday.

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When smartphones are getting more complex every passing day, Google is sticking to the "less is more" policy. Its newly launched Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 smartphones are designed based on the same strategy.

Latest Google Pixel 2 commercial will convince you to buy one

If you still don't own the Pixel 2, this new commercial by Google may force you to rush to a store and buy the device. This brief but excellently shot video was uploaded on YouTube the day before yesterday. The diversity of races shown in the commercial is appreciable as well. We have embedded the video down below so you can see it yourself.

Here are the features that the video highlights.

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Smarter Google Assistant on Google Pixel 2

The opening shot of the commercial shows a little girl asking "What is that?" Then the narrator says "Google Pixel 2". Next we can see a series of people asking if the smartphone can do certain tasks. For instance, it can remember the code on your bicycle lock, tell you the traffic condition. Also, it can suggest whether or not you should take an umbrella when you go out.

What's more, with your voice commands, the Google Assistant can control your smart appliances inside the house. The virtual personal assistant has even the ability to make hand-free calls and order you a sandwich.

IP68 rated water-proof chassis of Google Pixel 2

The video commercial then highlights the waterproof feature of the Google Pixel 2. The narrator says that even if you forget to take the umbrella, your phone will be just fine thanks to its IP68 certified chassis.

The IP68 certification allows you to submerge your Pixel 2 in up to 3.3 feet of water for as long as 30-minutes, without harming your phone.

Great cameras

Google Pixel 2 was the phone that beat the iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to bag the best smartphone camera award on DxOMark.

The video shows how one girl just says "Take a selfie" and the Pixel 2 captures one. Google Pixel 2 also comes with OIS, which lets you take steady pictures even if you are travelling on a bumpy road.

Besides this, Google Pixel 2 now also has the Google Lens feature, which is an AI-based technology that uses your smartphone's camera and deep machine learning to detect an object as well as to understand what it detects and then offer useful information based on what it sees.


Fast charging support and unlimited storage space

The video commercial for Google Pixel 2 notes how the device can charged in just 15 minutes after using it for 7 hours straight. The phone's unlimited storage capacity is highlighted as well.

Other features

The Google Pixel 2 can alert you to calls coming from unknown parties or basically scam callers.
In addition to all these, the video shows the Active Edge feature in which you can launch the Google Assistant by squeezing the phone's sides.

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