Leaked official MIUI 9 screenshots reveal a cleaner design

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There has been no doubt that Xiaomi device owners are waiting impatiently for the MIUI 9. So far, we have seen many screenshots revealing the UI for the upcoming software.

Leaked official MIUI 9 screenshots reveal a cleaner design

However, this time the renders that have emerged on a website called en.miui.com are said to be official. As you can see from the images, the MIUI 9's default homescreen and lockscreen have been revealed. Well, truth to be told, apart from the slightly redesigned icons, the new interface doesn't have many differences with the MIUI 8. Furthermore, the dock icons only come with icon images as the names are not present.

The app names have been removed to give the user interface a neater and cleaner look. In addition, the MIUI 9 is likely to arrive with at least four new official themes. Out of them, one will be the official MIUI 9 theme.

Leaked official MIUI 9 screenshots reveal a cleaner design

The report further states that other new three themes will be called Unbounded, Symphony and Hyun Black. Except that there will be over 53,000 themes available in Xiaomi's Theme Store. So that users wouldn't ever run out of options.

It should be pointed out that we give no guarantee for the authenticity of this information. Having said that, we should say that the chances of these screenshots being fake are low.

Going by the hints dropped by a Xiaomi official, the next iteration of Xiaomi's interface will be released sometime before August 16, which is not even a month away from now.

As for the new features, the MIUI 9 is will bring in picture-in-picture mode and split screen features to the Xiaomi devices. The 'Quick Reply' feature will probably be included in the update as well.

Besides this, Xiaomi is speculated to remove the SMS scheduling option from the MIUI 9 as there are not many people who still use SMS these days.

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